Transcend is the elevation of a subconscious idea to the conscious awareness. That suggests an idea acted upon from the sub-conscious is not a thought but an imitation triggered by the senses- an instinct.

It's a human inborn attribute to socialise and socialisation is a necessary part of growing up. Like objective ideas in My social Relations, socialisation is a valid objective value. We learn mainly from observation of habits and customs, but at some point in adult age that accumulated data is filtered.

The valid process filters the objective from the subjective using language and culture. This is important especially when changing from absolutes of tradition to diversity of the modern. We'd like to think it's no longer a mono world although some cultures are ages behind where decisions are dictated by men and the environment surrounds of macho attributes.

So instead of the usual men of predominant culture, we'd like to include women and others of many other cultures big or small.

Everything about you forms awareness of yourself. Your body, looks, taste, clothes, likes, wants, dreams, desires, weakness, intelligence, sexual preference, hobbies, objectives, projects, goals, people you like, people you don't like, belief, gender, culture, age, inspirations, values and so on.

Your preference of the things you do and how you feel about them characterises your behaviour although sometimes we do things by habit, customs, addictions, or instincts. Instincts, for example are heightened desires that are raised when triggered whether by colour, taste, smell, sounds or by the senses.

Anger may fall into the realm of instincts when we see, hear or sense something that makes us angry. Since it is an instinct, we usually don't think about the consequences before committing our action. When we are hurting sometimes we get angry and other times we get angry for being angry and we blame ourselves.

So people usually judge or make their opinions of us according to our social behaviour.

The social awareness of our person drives us to do sometimes unconsciously - like habits and instincts - things to have other people like us and be friends. And you know, friends ought to accept us as we are.

But that is not the real world we live in. We have people with attributes that are different from us and they have different behaviours too. They also have likes and dislikes of other people. Now if you have 100 people in the room, then you have 100 different characters.

And if people are naturally seeking others to like them, then without realisation, we are engaged in a competition to win a friend. Notice however that this competition is very awkward. We wonder why the ugly ones get the people we like, and we don't like ourselves for not being liked by others.

If that is the case, then who wants to look pretty or handsome? Hey, it's not your fault. It is a learning process, and we begin to filter what's objective from the subjective.

I'm sure there have been thousands of research on winning friends, but most if not all of them are based on some product where we are repetitiously bombarded with advertisements of pretty women and handsome men wearing certain clothes or drinking a particular brand of orange. Well, if the sex part is included, then the orange is better than smoke after sex.

If we are not transforming ourselves into a material product to improve our appeal in the market we are victimised by a political campaign which demonise our character into a corner. In that we could say the most likeable people are either fabrications of material production or bullies.

The trouble is, they get the contracts and the money while us awkward ones are walked over. We become targets of research to wear certain clothes and subdued to the corner for profit. But hey, it's ok to be real, genuine and be yourself.

Most would react and fight back, but it's a toss of the wind. Instead, the realness of your being has far reaching depths to stabilise your world than the superficial climbers on the edge would. The person you are shines from within the qualities of character that moulds your being.

Join the club in our real world. We lose untold friends and heaps of jobs not to mention moving houses in the material competition, but we are who we are. Not fabricators or bullies.

The competition for material gain is said to be good for the economy. But in the modern, economic growth is good only for the business private sector. The consequences however is endured by the public. And we are talking about Poverty, Homelessness, Mental Health, Violence and Crime.

Do you think fabricators and bullies would survive in a dark world? Yes, their instincts would succeed them in destroying each other. That's because they don't have what it takes to stabilise from within.

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