Freedom basically is to validate one's thoughts, speech and action. There are two types of Freedom that we are familiar with; one is Liberal Material Freedom that is common among political movements; the other is Civil Freedom that is validly logical. This is also known as commonsense.

Liberal Material Freedom is where individuals claim a right to do whatever they wish. Often deployed by feminists among other lobbyists groups to claim for example a right to abortion and pro-Euthanasia people, claim a right to end their lives.

Thus we begin to understand that Liberal Material Freedom is exertion of power or political power over someone or upon a group in retaliation; usually in protest or rebellion and resistance of a rule or social policy.

Hegemony is taking advantage of one's wealth, status and majority support to exert power over others. A majority group dominates decisions of society in their favour that in turns subordinates minority groups.

Civil Freedom is where the actor is responsible for the consequences of his/her action. So if an individual damages someone else's car, he/she is liable for the repair of the car. However, if the actor is not able to reason the consequences of his/her action, then the actor may not be liable for the consequences.

That's when we ask, 'what is the age of reason?' Some young people claim they are old enough to pay tax therefore they are old enough to drink alcohol. But under the influence, they have got into fights and engaged in other criminal activities.

So they may be old enough to pay tax, but they are not old enough to tolerate the influence of alcohol. But so are some adults, they too have succumbed under the influence. As for age, some babies are born with addictions transferred by their mothers while in the womb.

That suggests if the actor is not able to reason, then the guardian may be responsible. But then again in New Zealand, children have the same rights as their parents. So the child has refused any form of guidance from their parents. It's an oxymoron that is dealt by the courts for youth and young persons.

However, that opens up sub-layers of debate; pro-Euthanasia have argued that the right to die is justified when there is no cure therefore to minimise pain is to end one's life. But that turns the meaning of life on its head. For the whole purpose of medicine, work and wellbeing is to improve, maintain and prolong life. But the doctor's professional role is now no longer restricted to improve life, but also assist to end it.

Now, are you free if you are addicted? No, your physical and psychological functions depend on the addictive substance or behaviour to be normal. Your ability to reason is overwhelmed by the addiction therefore you are not able to reason the consequences of your action. Addiction must be classified as a mental health condition.

You can trace the escalation from political and economic decisions of society. Domination of decisions by a majority culture disadvantages minority groups. As a result of such decisions, minority groups are established in lower socio-economic areas.

Before we became addicted and at a reasonable age, we were free to make our own decisions. But some people started smoking in order to feel belong to a group. Drinking may have started by frequent social occasions. I know, for some low paid families, they buy cheap food for its quantity to spread the money. But cheap food have less nutrition and frequent tastes lead to the development of addiction. And addicts are passionate about their material desires.

Material desires also include behaviour such as gambling, borrowing, investment, working and involved in projects to make quick money. And such activities are obsessions of material capitalism. You see, when addicts come together to satisfy their fix, their aggregation becomes a hotbed for the virus to spread.

While covid-19 affects everyone in all areas of society, it is likely to be more prominent in lower socio economic areas.

There are addicts in all sectors of society and so is crime. We have claimed earlier that when a person becomes an addict, he/she is not able to validly reason the consequences of his/her action. When addicts are passionate about satisfying their fix, they are focused on the one thing and blind to reasonable choices. They will risk injuries, health and safety issues.

I am claiming in here that addicts are more likely to break bubble and lockdown rules. And in so doing, they might not be aware that they are spreading the covid-19 virus. Thus there is a link between addiction and the spread of covid-19.

To reduce the inmates' population, violence and crime is to deal with addiction. And one way to justify criminal behaviour is to validate freedom.

First, addicts should learn how decisions of society have influenced their economic standing. Then how peer and social pressure influenced their decisions including exposure to junk food. They should also undergo a free rehab programme with community support.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †