What are the values binding the social organisation of society; why do you have to get up in the morning to go to work every day doing the same thing and is what you do contributes to social stability or does it give rise to abnormal consequences instead.

I have hinted at values that are not forced but natural where citizens are free to participate in the organisation of their society. These values are objective in the sense that citizens participate in activities to maintain a quality of wellbeing and are not harmful to others. Having said that, subjective material developments favours the realm of selfish individualism.

By validating the binding values of social organisation provides a purpose and quality to the stability of society and in turn the economy. Material developments on the other hand transform values to material desires.

I have laid out in my previous article the two major modes of organisation; the social and the material. The social mode is measured by the number of happy consumers who have achieved a purpose in the social organisation. The material mode is measured by how much money the business owner makes from consumers in the absence of their social purposes.

I have given the example of the medical doctor where the social is how many people have recovered their health and wellbeing; the material is how many people keep coming back because they are addicted to drugs or because they have to. I know there are illnesses that may not be curable, but the scenario serves to illustrate the idea in general.

The promotion and marketing of material production is always a step or two ahead of the consumer. It appeals to the senses which heighten sensual perception to overwhelm and corrupt the mind. The sensual association of abstracts - colours; patterns, sound, odour; transform the image to something of a desire, and a material product becomes a fetish. That's when the sensual association brands the material cool or sexy.

The exploitation of the individual has transformed his/her body by heightening feelings and senses as well as corruption of his/her mind to desire the material product. His/her choice for the material product is no longer informed but instinctual. And this undertaking is the major purpose of your home TV. We are now entering another dimension of subtle abstract persuasion in 8K definition.

However, we are now hopefully informed that material production serves to exploit the consumer and at the same time accumulate money for the business owner. In so doing, the fetish appeal develops food addiction and material selfish desire escalated to violence, crime, disease, mental health, and incarcerations and so on.

It is proven that behaviour gradually deteriorates as addiction sets in. It is powerful enough to influence well respected and high earning individuals victims of desire. But perhaps the most victimised by material developments are those on the margin with low income earners struggling to make ends meet. When the fix is demanding and opportunities are few, creativity is not limited to debts, burglary and drugs, but also to arm robbery and violent crime.

You see, the link between material development and abnormal social consequences is clear. Individuals are not free but subdued by addiction. To validate and normalise their behaviour is to free the individual. This can be achieved by lifting the quality of life of low income earners, by rehabilitation and education. Since the abnormal consequences are the result of material developments, it is the business responsibility to make good of the outcome.

However, when was the last time the business sector has owned up to social consequences? But why do consumers keep on going back? Because we are addicted to the material product the same time business supply the source of our addiction. As our condition deteriorates, the business accumulates money. And the cycle of deterioration may explain an era of madness.

True material capitalism is anything goes; feelings, senses, immorality, deception and so on. It's good for business if you have no social or moral standards.

That is why My Social Relations attempts to validate the means of survival by providing a purpose for a quality of living not limited to the material but also including the mind, body and soul.

While the material organisation is integral of abnormal consequences, the social is coherent of stability and security of long term growth.

In the final analysis, the social purpose validates the link between the individual and society. This link is not defined by how much money the individual has made, but by esteem accorded to the citizen in recognition of his/her service to the order of society.

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