The Silver Lake investment is like an FTA gimmick branding grassroots psyche with Americanism. As if we haven't had enough of Coca Cola and KFC addiction in the hoods, Silver Lake investment instead if offloaded to rural communities as suggested, could establish a base for positive spin associated with the brand. Having said that, China had already carved its path in the plantation.

It's a good investment nonetheless for rugby communities targeting young people. Well, that's aiming to produce disciplined players away from the chains of Poverty, Homelessness and crime.

At the same time, there will always be protectionism against any proposed developments to safeguard local codes in the form of Taniwha, ABs and Silver Fern. Oh yeah, did you know that the soul of 'black magic' is embodied in the form of pakeha persons? It's a mystery! And if the soul of Taniwha is embodied in the form of a female, oh it's a phenomenal struggle of culture and gender. Why not escalate to accommodate diversity in the modern?

Yes, but that's where it starts to fragment. The time demands perhaps a new perspective of reality but surprisingly, tradition is not the obstacle in the way of progress. Rather, individual participation have risen above the threshold to make a claim. The one thing is for sure, the fragmented material seemed to have failed the test of time.

So you see, the material development as in the upgrade of infrastructure; buildings, fields and their upgrade is only part of the deal. The other half is the social development. And this is true of Labour Policy where material development serves to achieve social establishment for the people.

In any scale enterprise, there are challenging aspects to the delivery of a successful product. According to My Social Relations, one relates to social values; the other deals with material values. This contrasting struggle is determined by the roles of leadership and participation.

Anyone who's familiar with My Social Relations may recall that material development is basically direct investment on materialism for the sole purpose of profit; social development on the other hand is investment on materialism to serve a social purpose. Profit is a by-product of social achievements. Depending on wider competitions from other communities, the former is somewhat a volatile organisation, the latter is long term.

And we are talking about local communities. The overall product is a successful international enterprise. Young people's lives may have changed for the better and awareness of positive outcomes have spun accolades of the brand. Those were the glory days of the All Blacks!

Under the material model in the modern, the social is left behind as the material is neglected. Individuals among rival entities compete for a piece of the cake. And investment is a direct pay-out between the employer and the worker. The rest is picked up by the community. And obviously, rural communities lacking participation are left behind. This reminds us of the business and public partnership where the public funds the product and the business receives the profit.

However, the reverse is true of the social model where the community is the establishment producing the product. The impact sustains a long term production.

The best organisation may not be the richest, but perhaps a balance between both models.

It has been proven that a good coach can transform individuals into star players. But the community can transform leadership into a stable organisation. And this is the mystery of black magic without the media.

In one organisation, material influence had individuals follow their own desires and do their own thing. The trouble is, they couldn't unite to save themselves in times of need. They were obviously perished. Another group had loyal devotion, they sacrificed themselves including their lives for the leader. But the most successful group had a balance between their material dreams and loyal devotion, they endure the struggle of testing times.

We say the leader is always with the people and the people are influenced by their cultures, beliefs and desires. What does it mean for a fan is having some idea of passion, desire and loyalty, but the mood in a given time could be risky. Thus we know that uniform followers of a typical fetish may not be ideal for a given time or circumstance. And we learn that dynamic organisation works better under modern diversity.

Unlike Aussie, we could take advantage of the trade war between China and USA. Rather than taking sides, we could love them both. The bigger the investment the greater the love and we add another code to our collection.

Well, interpreting the sign of the times is as much to do with social and organisational behaviour in time as with nature and the seasons. But there are qualities in leadership attributed by the people including being at the right place at the right time.

Dont drop your guard, covid-19 is hanging around †