If the key to enter requires virtuosity, then it's probably not possible for we are all sinners. That's why the gates of heaven have to be on earth.

I think it's good that people have somewhat gotten over religion for the preservation and maintenance of their lives. Does religious bind attach pain is not necessary but it's inevitable in human cultures.

It is a traditional conservatism stand on absolutes that has somewhat detached the principle from transformation to objective qualities. Basically, the principle must have some positive relations to bind but a forceful topdown imposition can be challenging.

A pure principle is a subjective abstract that requires quantification to human qualities. A pure principle is way beyond recognition at the one end; human is way down here on earth at the other end. To make human sense of the principle therefore has to descend to earth and have some meaningful qualities. At the same time, the human mind has to elevate in order to integrate the pure principle.

God is a subjective entity until Jesus came down to earth to experience struggles and sins of humanity. If human was perfect, then God didn't need to come down to earth. And Jesus came to being for the sake of sinners among human.

Now you see the problem, traditional conservatives among pharisees consider themselves guardians of the law appoint themselves middle management between God and the people. And there the sinners among the poor are tarnished by stigma forbidding them from participation in so-called religious activities.

For some, the rigid fa├žade of absolutes has left customs and cultures bereft of fitting, children are voiceless and invisible; women are totally excluded and alienated. For others, the placid front takes advantage of subjective materialism in the formation of self and aggregation of a church.

And the pure principle became a word of convenience for the individual has a choice from the polarised landscape of believers to satisfy his/her own wishes, dreams and desires.

In reality, human is a sinner. But the sinner is impoverished and stigmatised by tradition. And the middle men of the altar have prevented the cause of Jesus' coming. So, no more Christmas!

True God is neglected and probably somewhere on the street among the homeless, the sick and the poor. The churches are too good and too rich for Jesus.

You know just about everyone you meet on the street once had a good job and a family. For whatever happened in their lives have become the reasons they couldn't return to their normal life. The pain and stigma kept them away from work, from church and society are just too much to bear. So, they take something to stop the pain. And that something has become a daily religious ritual. Whether it's a sedative substance or abstract image, the roots of desire have bound the soul.

Thus the gates of heaven are erected upon the street. The church, the government, business and society have all failed our humanity. Sure, they have succeeded in one's own interest but usually at the expense of somebody else.

To remove the traditional conservativism absolute and replace it with humanity is a normal duty for anyone. To have women more say is probably tokenism, but anyone in a position of power is vulnerable to corrupt and selfish interest.

We have learned that some religions take advantage of politics and culture to make a stand. But at the same time, other religions take a deviated stand from the principle. And the spiral descends all the way down to the street.

You see, the power of conservative absolutism in human is a defect. Man cannot play the role of God. While we can clearly see nature in crisps of colours and dimensions, man has socialised us to see life in black and white. It's absolutism that human is either black or white.

That is once you drink tea, you are seen as a tea drinker all your life. Never mind the fact that you drink more coffee and coca cola, but people like to have one better on you by association of judgements on your behaviour.

It doesn't matter how much you have done good; people are only interested in your mistakes. And that defines your life. That's the absolutism way to justify its own cause. It is making a false report to Jesus that humans are all bad or all good.

The relative truth is, human is mostly good but susceptible to err. If you are caught in a strange environment unprepared, you are susceptible to err. But beyond your help you are judged and as a result would not be recommended for advancement.

So, we do sin and struggle but we don't sin all the time. Jesus came to earth to show us and be on your guard.

That is why a chapel at the bottom of the street probably has more visitors than the one on the hill. It's where the people are the church is built.

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