TESTING TIMES Yes, there is such a thing called 'Society'.31/03/20

SUPER HOST War of the World is fought in our genes 30/03/20

MY SOCIAL RELATIONS RELOADED Society Transformaion from Entity to Being 16/03/20

ECONOMIC INFLUENCE vs HEALTH AND SAFETY The social organisation of survival15/03/20

BATTLE OF THE FOOTPATH Personalisation of social progress gives rise to static development10/03/20

A RMOTE COMMUNITY What could happen to Coronavirus if supermarkets give way to housing? 01/03/20

THE STANDARDS From Bureaucratic to Victim organistion of society 01/03/20

LENT 2020 Organised Crime determines the rate of economic develpoment 29/02/20

HOUSING CRISIS A Political issue, threatening in time 20/02/20

WAR OF THE BOTS Elitism over Political Parties and Democracy 16/02/20

A VERY UNPLEASANT EVIL Harm and Pain of Evil Economies 10/02/20

A STATE MYSTERYThe link between Housing and Brain Injury03/02/20

POWER Influence by physical force or by attraction.28/01/20

COLLATERAL DAMAGE Three possibly four trends building up towards a super reaction22/01/20

ETHICAL CONSUMPTION What's happening while it's happening an out of body experience! 17/01/20

2020 Climate Change, Diversity and emerging leaders of the Modern 14/01/20

THE APOCALYPSE Climate Change Burning 08/01/20

SOCIAL ROLE AI Technological Intrusion - Space war 27/12/19