DREAM ROBOT17/12/2016

I sense the touch of your skin; I see the shades of the moonlight; I feel the warmth of your smile, lifting me higher. To the moon and the stars, I can reach the sky. I am human, I am alive.

The stuff of dreams is often referred to troubles of the mind. But be it troubles or desires, the realm has raised awareness beyond the confines of the brain. It's probably not possible to dream without feelings and senses. And since all humans have feelings and senses, therefore all humans dream.

If there is a stage of awareness where the mind is asleep but senses are awake, then it has to be in the unconscious mind. I may have referred to this realm as subjective when sense information is not filtered through the mind.

The senses can attempt to project images and sensations but don't make much sense in the unconscious or subjective world. And this could be the advantage of a robot to attempt at making sense of raw data. But the trouble is, the robot have no feelings and senses.

How then can the robot develop sense perception awareness of our organic world?

I thought the problem with incompatibility of the linear material with social objectivism is in the transformation process or quantification and transcendence. This was processing the material elements to produce valid outcomes and in turn impact a stable social objective upon society. It's not a magical transformation when quantification is a practical acquisition of outcomes.

The material includes subjective basic elements such as dreams, wishes and desires are output in the objective to feelings of happiness or subjective feelings of sadness.

The linear process may programme a feeling or emotion from its basic definition to produce an animated expression. And this output may be mass produced to represent all expressions of a feeling among robots. It is a circular outcome where one robot feels exactly the same as the other. It is the linear existent of single units or singularity.

I must admit that I myself thought that humans think exactly the same and have the same values. But as I grew older and experienced our world, we are individuals and from various cultures and background.

At the same time, should a maxim establishes a mode to measure the desired outcome, the robot may not be able to distinguish varying degrees of moods; the one measure fits all action is rendered circular.

How then can a robot reason an objective outcome from observing human behaviour including postures and expressions! This is an organic function of the mind and the robot may have to grow this faculty by experiencing our human world.

That is why the robot has to live a human life to learn and understand the qualities and complexities of human values such as love, forgiveness, compassion, sacrifice, trust, pain, pleasure and so on.

How can a robot sense a feeling beyond the sensitivity of touch; the metaphor of the moonlight; the warmth of a smile? How can the sum of the above lift one higher? And we are now beginning to see what the robot world is having trouble with.

And it is where the material logic ends that the metaphysical or intuition or objective logic expands. It is not rational thought for it only limits with the human brain but makings sense of the heart and mind.

This is the realm of the beyond where dreams are projections of images and sensations in the unconscious mind. If the computer can filter that raw information then it has to have a heart, mind and soul. It may also be able to be sensitive to touch and speaks romantic metaphors that elevate its feelings to intuition.

There is one other realm of dreams in here. When the senses are trained to collect only useful information and not react to harmful incidents etc., one may be able to make sense of a dream in the unconscious world. It's a bit like reading symbols and images, but it's not like the same symbols and images for everyone.

There is also a phenomenal stage where two people share the same dream. It is where two people exist in an internal plane where communication is not physical or verbal but knowing. You both know what each other want and don't want and you know where you are.

All of the above are tools of communication and knowing but have faded and thinned by our excessive developments of the material world. It is likely therefore that the development and advancement of the robot will not enhance our human holistic life, but further deteriorate our existent in the linear material unit.

We could develop our dream abilities to understand ourselves and solve the troubles of the heart. We could solve depression and stress of everyday living by tapping into and making sense of the subjective world.

I have devised a process to attempt at making sense of our world by objective reason to bridge the gap between the linear material and planes of the mind. This is the ground up development of physically practising principles.

When we act upon a principle, we focus our senses and feelings upon the principle idea that we are thinking of. We have accepted the idea as good and will not result with harm to ourselves or others.

I think that is the general principle the robot is based upon. However the intention to do good has destroyed the robot for limitations of the material that we have spent our whole existent upon it.