Multiculturalism is a common word heard only during ethnic conflicts associated with periods of economic recessions and hardship. It has become an antisocial jargon uttered in the language of middle class frustrations in the blame for unemployment and for housing shortage.

Multiculturalism is also recently blamed for the social troubles associated with antisocial behaviour among youths.

It is not Utopia where different cultures live side by side in harmony; far from it! There is always that ethnic conflict between groups involving status, age and gender.

The inequality of difference naturally sustains ethnic conflicts in Multiculturalism according to a democratic system of organisation.

Migrants are expected to assimilate into the mainstream culture among the challenges associated with organisation in favour of the status quo or historical factors. At the same time, minority groups depend on democratic processes including civil and human rights to voice their concerns.

On the one hand traditional expectations may pose challenges to minority groups and on the other hand, the interference of democratic processes may pose challenges to majority groups.

The acknowledgement and respect for differences have posed more challenges to locals and the system of organisation has failed to stabilise the inherent conflicts of Multiculturalism.

This is because individuals are not born into Multiculturalism. They are instead born into tribes and ethnicity. When they are challenged by local expectations and hardship of economic recessions, individuals would always resort to what's closely ingrained in their psyche. So in a way, Multiculturalism is a challenge outside their comfort zone.

Multiculturalism is a modern concept. It is better suited to age and intelligence where society is open. It is tolerance of different cultures and offers a more civil organisation of diversity than the narrow confines of tribalism or ethnicity.

And the balance of power is ideally proportional to the diversity of the population.

Multiculturalism is a gradual process of integration derided from global trade and exchange. The nature of competition and economic expansion has captured a great economic market among many nations. In order therefore to maintain the global market, Multiculturalism must be stabilised.

And this is usually organised by diplomatic relations and trade deals that are acceptable to both nations. This is a social occasion; formerly the rituals of kings and royals in the exchange of gifts but an establishment of trade relationships.

Notice when the balance between trading partners is uneven, the ethnic conflict is escalated to tribal hierarchy and ethnicity.

For example, too much rights interference in local affairs has raised the ire of tribalism and majority cultures as demonstrated by the Brexit and Trump movements. They might barely succeed on their own in isolation, but not without the luxury of multicultural trade partners.

In light of the above reasoning, the success of the global economy depends on the stability of Multiculturalism. This is maintenance of social and diplomatic relations between cultures. It is acknowledgement and respects of difference. It is not an open ticket to citizenship, but courtesy of participation in social, political and economic activities of open societies.

Multiculturalism has thus paved the way for Diversity in full participation of local economic activities.

It is false to blame religion and Multiculturalism for social uncertainties in local affairs. Instead, the culprit is Material Freedom. It is subjective - liberal materialism.

Material Freedom is motivated by selfish ambitions and desire as a political ideology. It reinforces the tribal rule of the strong. And this is true of economic disparity determined by wealth and predominant majority as material and social capital.

However, the material rule of the strong has stripped humanity of quality values that embodied the mind and spirit. What's left behind is a material abstract entity. But Material Logic and rational reason cannot make human sense of the subjective material world.

Like Material Logic, when Rational Reasoning reaches the end of the line, it also ends there. Except for the material body, Material Logic and Rational Reasoning are not compatible with the true nature of being - the people we are. The method transcends the material into Objective being.

Subjective religion, subjective tribe and subjective culture remain abstract entities unless quantified into objective being. And the only practical method of quantification is Objective Reason.

Thus the essential basis of Multiculturalism is missing in the current make-up of humanity. That is; Multiculturalism cannot maintain a global economy based on subjective entities. Instead, it is blamed for everything ethnic.

You cannot establish Multiculturalism if your society is closed to other cultures. And you certainly cannot be part of a global economy if you don't maintain Multiculturalism. In fact, it's about impossible to maintain a pure, linear material economy in our diverse modern world.

Progressing from Tribe and Ethnicity, Multicultural is open society. It is tolerant, wise and intelligent. It reflects how aged society has progressed. But so far, only civil and human rights have grown up to enjoy the rich luxury of many diverse cultures while tribal ethnicity is engaged in struggles and conflicts.

We have learned how dangerous religion and culture have become when they fail to transcend their message into objective being. Instead they remain abstract entities that are only imposing harm and destruction.

So in the absence of Multiculturalism of open societies, liberal and subjective materialism emerge in the closed units of religion, tribe and ethnicity to self-destructive demands from the world.

And finally, Multiculturalism is not having many cultural groups only to make up a consumer population. Multiculturalism is a human value binding local organisation to the global economy.