Revelations 19: 1 - 3. 1. After this I heard what seemed to be the great sound of a huge crowd in heaven, singing, 'Alleluia! Salvation and glory and power to our God!

2. He judges fairly, he punishes justly, and he has condemned the great prostitute who corrupted the earth with her prostitution; he has avenged the blood of his servants which she shed.'

3. And again they sang, 'Alleluia! The smoke of her will rise for ever and ever.'

I had a belief when growing up that everyone are the same; they think alike, they are trusted, they have good thoughts and don't mean anyone harm.

As I got older I began to question that idea against my own experience of humanity. My belief as it turned out only existed in my own household. Go out from the refuge of your home and experience the contrary.

And I have learned that those who think the same were materialists who only think about themselves and their material possession. Linearism I have called that type of social organisation.

Now the state of social organisation is relative to stages of growth. I mean age, experience and intelligence, normally in that order.

My most recent experience of linearism was when I advertised online to give away my house lot to a needy family. I received several replies including one that was coming with a truck to take all my house hold lot away.

Some needy families were deprived from much needed household as the truck never arrived. It was a dodgy contact. There are those who sabotage your credentials to disadvantage you from your rightful attributes and others the help they need.

It has confirmed my suspicions that humanity and life is a prolific struggle against evil. And since it was business propaganda that sabotaged my effort to help the needy therefore business is part of evil.

I may be stereotyping business with evil in here, but so far I am struggling with ISP who continued to manipulate free choice by unfair contracts and conditions. It is hard to remember a good business that operates a fair deal. The bigger they are the ugly they operate.

And now I believe that the idea of honest and right do exist but remains to be practiced. The ideal is not necessarily reality in hour humanity although there are few who live according to such principles including me.

And now the few of us are organised by our common beliefs in contrast to the majority of linearism that are organised by their material lifestyles. The few of us is held by the objective practice of our belief that produces what is good upon society.

It is the real quantification of the struggle between good and evil and hence society is stratified by good and evil.

To elaborate this, spirit is quantification of principles or objective where evil is quantification of subjective materialism or subjective. Both are in the super phenomenon plain; spirit being the objective that quantifies what is good for humanity, and evil being the subjective that quantifies what is harmful for humanity.

One such common example is the fact that business is organised on exploitation of consumers. It is established to achieve a profit from human exploitation.

Any human with principle values would establish an enterprise to meet human needs. And when needs are met that a social service is achieved. Humans may work to earn their keep but are not exploited. But a material business on the other hand would allow a worker and his family to go hungry unless he/she meets business expectations.

And as I have experienced, even those helping humanity are facing off sabotage attacks from business counterparts. It is clear that good is attacked just for being good.

Linearism have place business profits from exploitation to feed the economy. And the economy has become a material-god; every nation shall bow their monetary higher if not lower. And every part of life is now controlled by the material-god.

Salvation is the filter that purifies and quantifies the material element for transcendence into being.

The return - the second coming - of Christ to establish his kingdom on earth is the marriage of good and evil in heaven that is the transcendence of the material into being.

The material or evil on its own entity is incompatible with good or the spirit. The entity of the material or evil on its own is a super-god itself, its subjective abstract.

Babylon was a great material city. It created its own god by its own image entity.

Material Linearism has transformed exploitation or human sacrifice to accumulate business profits and thus the growth of the economy. And the economy has become a material-god; every nation shall bow their monetary higher if not lower. And every part of life is now ruled and controlled by the material-god.

They have sung Alleluia to the glory of the material-god, the smoke of her will rise for ever.

Alleluia, Salvation to the return of Christ; the second coming shall transcend every material on earth to his kingdom in heaven. The purification of the material transcends the subjective abstract entity into being.

So far, this transformation is surfaced in desperate times of need. For example, when disaster like a destructive earthquake strike, not only material developments are destroyed but faith in its entity wades as people look beyond the for stability and comfort. They come together in communities to help each other in times of grief and sorrow.

If they can maintain this spirit even in times of material wealth, Alleluia in strife, Alleluia in sorrow, Alleluia in Happiness, Salvation is here!