What does it mean to have no objective purpose describes subjective existence in Nothingness. The journey of the material arrives at the end and human needs to elevate into another level for human continuum, but it forgot to develop what it needs in order to transcend.

If I was talking about a material object, then my data would not include social or spiritual aspects as separate. Instead I would concentrate information on the material alone from its source to its end.

The material alone in My Social Relations is pure and linear. Since the pure linear unit is on its own, it is unstable and tends to destabilise connections or organisation. It has to elevate itself a purpose in order to connect and unite.

In order to find a useful purpose for the material, I have to find a natural function that renders it a social value. The social function connects the material to the social and the connection is a relationship serving a valuable function to the organisation of our existence. The unit's connection to the social is the crucial relationship that upholds the stability of society.

Now, along the linear abstract, subjective aspects cannot connect to form social relationships. These subjective aspects must serve an objective function thus elevating themselves from subjectivity to objectivity in the organisation of existence.

At the same time, Artificial Intelligence is natural to its linear abstract source. A language pertaining to linear developments therefore communicates subjective elements and is not extended to communicate objective functions of social relationships.

This is like a subjective existence with own language is independent from our own social existence. In its subjective form, this language is remote of human meaning devoid of feelings and emotions. It merely responds to a linear abstract databank of subjective aspects and virtual reality.

The connection between linear abstract materialism and human is a social relationship.

If you remember data of human relations is collected by AI entities to form its databank. But we also know that these data are generic and digital versions of our selves. These claims remain subjective and cannot be totally verified by machines themselves. We have to access them in order to make corrections.

On the one hand, AI language maybe perfect to its linear context nonetheless remains gibberish to humans. In My Social Relations, AI gibberish has to be elevated to serve a function in social relations. To do this, we have to learn a lot about the linear world of digital reality if they are meant to advance our world.

And on the other hand, AI entities have to learn everything about us humans and integrate it in their roles for serving a function. After all, AI is supposed to make life easier for us, not the other way around. AI therefore serves a useful purpose for humans.

The latter concreted the social relationship between humans and robots.

And this is the testing stage. The robot sets out to collect data of human interactions in order to make sense of its own vocabulary. Manufacturers are relying on humans to render their creations value, but raises questions of ownership! These are shares of data ownership and availability as subjects of robot training.

You see, Google among multinational corporations have taken us humans for granted that we are available to provide data and validate their creations for nothing. They are not setting an example of values and stable working relations. Instead they continue to exploit us by subjectification of crucial information and social relations.p

The destabilisation of human objectives when human social values are replaced by the heightening of linear material abstracts does not advance our human condition at all. Remember that social values are links or value added purposes to the material in order to serve a social function for the stability of organisation.

When AI takes over this link, the social organisation is weakened and human is made redundant. The abstract is linear, and the subjective material alone fails to connect and unite. Instead, human is forced to become like robots in order to have material meanings in his/her life.

And this is where humans should worry. The language communicating human feelings that makes sense to one's mind and spirit is threatened. We are looking at heaven in a metaphysical aspect of virtual reality. And our minds and thoughts are created by the machine.

The data robots are collecting become the metadata of fundamental basis, the origin of life. And the pure principles of belief are out the door. There are no pure principles or original ideas as everything is collected and recycled from subjective materialism.

My theory of Thinning requires subjective materialism to be filtered and transcended to social being. In AI world, subjective materialism directly connects with and become the tangible object itself. There is no distinction between the material, the mind and spirit.

And the colonisation of humans by material developments continues into the metaphysical world. The future is going back to the past to make something new of the old.

No more pure principles, no more pure spirits and no more pure art. Instead, entities remain abstracts and subjective in a disorganisation of society.

During the process of 'thinning', the human social connection is replaced by a linear abstract that not only fails to stabilise humanity but also failed to transcend. And the end of the material journey becomes the end of human as we know.

Now the zombies of the future have a body of human but the mind of a robot. Zombot!