If the word literally says 'don't worry, everything will be alright' and everyone has faith in the word, then obviously believers may just sit on their hands doing absolutely nothing.

I know its word for comfort but taken out of context literally becomes a principle proof, is worshipped and glorified. And yet an abstract remains in the heads of believers.

I know it's not as simple as that but in our subjective material world, the abstract is very much reality.

Don't worry everything will be alright is an empathetic expression to cheer someone in distress. But many such expressions remain abstract and for the subjective materialist, it is reality. If so, then we are forever waiting for God!

Faith is work and the word is practically applied in people's lives to quantify the abstract word into being. The word has to be interpreted into practical application to produce an outcome. Walking the talk is obvious to a thinking mind, but in here we are dealing with stubborn material desires.

An abstract that is distant from the material is reality in the material itself. Deluded folks cannot distinguish the difference between the abstract and the real world.

It is where the consumer population is captured by subjective materialism, are not liberated from their attachments. These folks are conditioned by their desires and addiction. They are compelling targets of business and politicians or capitalists among materialists.

Religion cannot compete for their souls when feelings and sense perceptions make up the material self. Instead, religion imposes conditions upon the soul by fiery words of condemnation. While the self is dominated by material desires; the soul is bound by iron chains of guilt and shame. The lost soul is completely buried in layers of material desires and abstract guilt.

Who wants to go to church to get beaten up and publicly humiliated when in secular society he/she is free to indulge in desires! Religion itself has become a barrier between God and the soul. Those in need are rejected by the very followers of the one who came to save them.

However, a fiery tongue can be a source for warmth in the cold and dark of night. Practical application of the word can do a successful transformation when expressions can move desires and addictions out of the material and into being.

Don't forget the practical application in the process of transformation is where elements of the self are filtered to produce objective outcomes. It is where the word is comfort in strife; the warmth that provides props of confidence and elevation. It is rebuilding relations that word is brought into being.

It is strengthening the materials to build a house for the family. It's not about the word itself or its image, rather it is bridging the abstract into flesh and into being.

Why should we save lost souls when capitalists among materialists would rather see them perish and save the world of resources?

Well, capitalists among materialists are involved with values that sustain their linear material life. But since they are linear, they themselves are blind to the quality that validates the value of the material.

Further, market demands are validated by social needs. These are aspects of the material that are not accounted for in the linear. That means capitalists among materialists have social attributes themselves to realise social capital and the quality of their values. But are separated from the greater portion of themselves to live in the material alone.

Why do we recognise history when it's long gone? The people who have done great in the past are long gone in the material but we remember them today for the quality of their achievements. Jesus, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela and the list goes on.

A house is built with materials and by builders. It is accommodated by people in a neighbourhood and a sector. Values are calculating the quality of materials; the view of the property, the brand and status of builders, the status of the neighbourhood. And all are added values of the social that make up the price of the house.

Take the values of materials ie; timber. Timber may be selected for toughness in endurance against the elements. Now, timber is furnished from a tree and if a tree of the same kind remains in the forest and dies, does it retain the same value?

The objective purpose is to build a strong house to keep a family safe from the elements. That is why the tree is selected and its value accordingly.

A demand for housing is initiated when desires are prompt by social aspects as above. Further to the property's commercial value is the sector and the standings or the people who live there. And there is no telling the people who live there may well involve in desires of the material.

So when any person has successfully overcome desires and addictions of the material to serve an objective purpose in the community; that is value. It is human value that renders quality of the material. It is human value that guarantees quality of the material economy.

It is proof of evidence that even a lost soul can transform his/her life to witness the value of humanity. That is why it's critical for economic quality and value to care for the sick and desperate of society.

Considering that matters of the soul are indiscriminate of status, ethnicity and gender; its material essence provides the clue that holds development together. But more importantly, we can fashion the soul to quantify valuable quality of the material suitable for our human social existence.