Business and political decisions are influenced by popular opinions to capitalise on the consumer population and the vote respectively. Business and popular decisions are based on material desires to satisfy the need of their followers. And thus political decisions are influenced by materialism.

Now if the government and its organising policies are motivated by materialism, then the state is a linear material entity. A linear material entity is separated from its holistic integration of mind and body, and has failed to uphold a stable objective.

How can you expect a state to dictate ethics and morality when it doesn't accommodate the mind and spirit of being? A material state only experiences and identifies with matters of the material. It hasn't got what it takes to validate ethical and moral decisions.

And this is the gap in representation of a sector of society in material organisation such as the state.

In the West, the state tends to make decisions in favour of materialists among atheists. Moral and social values are discarded outside the material entity of the state. It takes no acknowledgement of believers among their religions.

Now if this state model is in the Middle East somewhere where decisions are dominated by religion and culture, it has obviously given rise to extreme conflicts and unrest.

And thus the missing gap in state establishment is the representation of the mind and body. The Middle Eastern states have proven this material entity of the state to be lacking in representation.

It appears that some of the Middle Eastern establishments cannot separate religion from the state. But if the material element of the state was replaced by religion, we have witnessed moments of harsh compliance and severe corporal punishment prone to violation of human rights.

So instead of being responsible for own inability, the concerned nations blame the West for material influence. Frankly, no principle is valid if the people are not free. That is the foundation of moral principles.

Meantime, individuals are subjugated by tradition and religion. They either believe by the gun or leave. But ISIS would have them killed before they can escape.

Unlike those nations, My Religion is a voluntary commitment to God. The organisation is bound by the practice of principles of belief. Their relationship with God is quantified by good acts of faith.

By practising principles of belief, followers have in fact moved God from an abstract in space to a reality with neighbours among strangers and believers alike.

Believers don't usually store up worldly wealth for themselves, but are world leaders in helping those in need.

All of the above is conducive of objective logic. That is, God does not control or force anyone to be a religious or Christian person. At the same time good acts of faith are neither self-serving nor obligatory. It is naturally intuitive for believers to do what ought to be right.

I have referred to the self in my previous article 'Brother Robot' of which objective reason is applied in its analysis. The material including wishes, dreams and desires are categorised in the subjective material for they are not reliable to uphold a stable reality therefore invalid.

Inherent of the relationship between believers and God, the process is to filter subjective materialism into being. That's the work of faith doing practical good work among the needy.

Again, freedom precedes objective logic that is applied in the process for everyone must know who they are and understand the true nature of themselves in relation to religion.

And there you see, there is nothing fanatic or radical about religion. Folks are free and may be attracted to be part of something good and beautiful. I don't blame them and they are most welcome.

Now if religion is to be independent of the state, then ethics and moral values must be independent of the state. That means decisions on social justice and matters concerning ethics and morality are the realm of religion. And that should maintain a working relationship between the head, the mind and body.

However in our current state of secular affairs, physical or materialism development has isolated itself from the mind and spirit. And the material unit by itself has assumed reality in the narrow of the linear material world. We know that nations in the Middle East will have nothing to do with the Western model.

In any case, material, religious or sovereign state is own country's right and responsibility. Our so-called Western free world on the one hand forms popular opinions responsible for changing governments and policies; and on the other hand, similar changes are reinforced by the gun in the Middle East.

It is extreme behaviour to destroy a people's values and social existent just as violent as the killings and persecution because of belief.

At the same time, it is not the nature of God to rescue us from the hands of terror as we have our freedom to do what ought to be right. At the same time, material fanatics and radicals use religion to warrant their acts of terror.

Why should true and peaceful religion become a target of materialism and terrorism alike? Thereupon the presentation is a contradictory view of religion, that has distinguish true religion from those influenced by materialism.

However, like any other true religion we practise pure principles and proactive in restoration of social relations before they were violated. We support issues of social justice to help the deprived and disadvantage towards a quality of life.