Any idea can work but there are few measures against stable reality in My Social Relations. There's the stabilising force of the social and spirit that renders holistic existence. Then in real life, a good idea remains an abstract if for any number of reasons the people don't agree. At the same time, any old idea is great if the people approve the source.

And as we have learned, so called great ideas are not great because popular opinions have been hyped up by media propaganda. It is their political and patriotic nature that heightens a passion. But this type of image projection does not independently stand the test of time. It fades when its true basis is exposed to the elements.

It is during this period of corrosion that urgency gives rise to forceful imposition. For example, the fabricated hype that won Brexit the election was immediately realised when economic uncertainty surfaced. However passionate tribal sentiments have heightened, Brexit and Trumpism represented everything against democratic and collective agreements.

International democratic establishments that have prompted a safety net for the poor have crumbled under tribal rule. And while the rich remain beneficiaries of business profit, our social needs are neglected. The case in question is the fate of the homeless that was perished by the poor state of housing. Doing something is definitely better than doing nothing although the same fate was capitalised to inflate the value of housing. And suffering prolongs the fate of the poor into the future.

After the War of Iraq, we come to realise that the former regime was effective in keeping the people under control. This may sound a bit harsh and undemocratic but it was necessary for the condition. Anyway, instead of liberating the people, the War of Iraq had in fact opened doors to extreme conflict. Those among women and children who were protected by the former regime are now displaced from their homes and land.

Whatever the idea, the future is inevitable. Whether populous, political or patriotic; both good and bad ideas make the passage of time. Whether intended or not, we experience and learn the consequences with our lives.

That is why ideas are crucial in the decisions involved in the organisation of our survival. From experience, the separation of the state and religion has given rise to the separation of the material (body) from its holistic integration.

Split personality is now a proven fact.

The rule of the body has assumed social and moral determination, usually the function of the mind. But since the material has departed from rational and intuitive reasons, subjective materialism has been proven to lack stability for moral decisions to stabilise existence. Materialism has now anaesthetised individuals in an aggregated cult of subjective religion.

Why the number of mental illness increased among the young suggests objective reason of the mind hasn't had a chance to develop. It is where New Zealand continues to lead the world in youth suicide. And the underlying factor points to how aggressive materialism is enforced upon society.

While this is a solid fact and a proven idea, the reality is not a popular one against a material regime. So we among folks must continue to endure under subjugation to the rule of the material where narrow is a linear view that cannot see beyond itself. And folks among the poor are blinded by the means of sustaining the lifestyle of the rich.

This is the source of the struggle, the open field of radicalism and protest. But unlike extreme reactionaries who are engaged in conflicts and unrest, there is a profound mystery in the source that endures suffering.

Moderates among the deprived because of ethnicity or gender endure extreme discriminations. But the suffering stands upon principles against the tide of antagonistic sentiments. The conscious awareness is an elevated sense. Folks of this special breed don't resort to gang warfare or terror, but silent in the parade of humility. And suffering quantifies a testament to endorse a super phenomenal principle among mortals.

The phenomenon seems to elevate the senses to the level of intuitive awareness where like folks share a common idea of what's not said. They know that injustice is not resolved by speaking up or asking for help, rather it is acceptance of a submissive compliance to a rule. And repression slides the slippery slope of legislation in the name of violence and crime.

It is here where the super phenomenon elevates the material beyond its limitation to decide.

The oppression of a people is legislated behind a brainwashing policy. But like political and patriotic passion, the sentiments shall fail to stabilise real meaning because freedom is not an obligation; it is a voluntary duty beyond the norm. You cannot oppress someone who has volunteered for a cause. And this is the decision only a few have dared.

If love makes your heart then objective makes a decision. If your heart is immaterial then you cannot love or reason. Whether you shall either fall to the realm of the material or isolated in the height of clouds, you are indulging in the subjective. But somewhere in the middle, you can only choose one or the other. Love will let you in the mystery where you can perceive all three dimensions of a super phenomenon at one time.

It is understanding your heart; it is knowing your mind and having a purpose. It is objective purpose that is crucial to stabilising a super phenomenon in our material world.

Deprived and discriminated, suffering may lead to open a window to an objective world beyond our material limitation.