DREAM HOUSE 17/11/17

Heart and Soul

In a moment of excitement, he enjoys a wave of colours and sweet sounds of a fuzzy ride. The world is oblivious of passion; nothing else matters as desire rhymes the soul to beat the heart of night.

The inevitable dawn fades the fuzziness against the morning breeze. He struggled to will the fading wave alive but the vision slipped through his fingers and colours disappeared.

He wakes to the roar of traffic; a pale reminder of yet another linear day in the shades.

Each layer consists of own unique identity: a combination of colours; lights, shapes and sounds to constitute the whole. And the rhythm drives the heart and soul; he his human!

It was when the thinning appeared that all colours, shapes and sounds innate to unique identities disappeared. The lively characteristics of man left a pale linear unit caught in the ecstasy of time. There is something in there, but he is not sure what it is.

A dream of the old world in a pale reality is nothing too selfish when sleeping rough transforms a pleasure. But not with all the troubles of the heart; dreams are not guaranteed to be pleasant and desirable.

Well, not when social aspects of the soul are thinned from the senses. What mysterious attributes seem to attract us to a baby is natural. Why is smiling associated with a good feeling is taken for granted. But beauty attracted to the opposite sex is forbidden like a modern taboo. The fundamentals of love are natural to touch, feel and taste. But the taste is bitter as love is poisoned with power.

You know if you are religious especially a Catholic, your job is a temporary one; that's if you are lucky enough to have one.

No love, no pray, the once were humans remain physical in the body, but they are now transformed entities. Feelings are thinned and mechanised; no more social aspects for love, compassion or beauty. The performance of units is uniformed to linear mechanical entities; the soul a pale entity.

Our world without dreams is a world without colours and sounds. There is no more reach to the soul; no more rhythm to the heart beat.

And for those who are creating music human again are perhaps the remainders of time. For their generosity provides a service to humanity by bringing back colours and sounds to the heart and soul of human so that we can dream again.

Selfishness is the opposite of selflessness just as Individualism is best described as anti-community. Thus selfish individuals are unlikely to be generous enough to form a helping community. But then dreams are somewhat selfish yet positive to transformations.

In a selfish individualism environment, those who are disadvantaged whether by enduring ailments, disability or difference are likely to be isolated and excluded. Our modern world passes by oblivious of human.

This has been demonstrated by narcissistic or selfish ambitious individuals among entities who make up the bulk of a linear material economy that accumulated social consequences.

Take the housing market for example: it is developed by raising mortgages and prices to attract investments therefore profit. But by raising housing price, the ordinary folk cannot afford to buy let alone rent ends up on the street.

Clearly, that places housing a commodity for investments but in so doing fails to provide a social service for the community. And we have witnessed during the housing boom that accumulated the highest rate of homelessness.

Now if selfish individuals generate demands for growing the economy and at the same time profits are concentrated in the top 10 percent of the population, then what good is the economy for? We have witnessed many times before now that a growing economy cannot guarantee a prosperous country. Only the rich get richer.

For if it's good for a country then what good is a country with a star status economy and yet tops the world in homelessness and suicide? It is way over disproportional.

We know that if those who invest in housing are selfish individuals and corporate entities that the community would suffer the social consequences. So, should the community invest on housing providing a service that the community would deal with own responsibility.

This is the argument between market determination of neo liberalism in favour of selfish individuals and society in favour of the community. A resolution could require the government to regulate this relationship to provide a service and safety net for the ordinary folks.

Are we likely to organise investment for own community housing like the Kiwifund and Vector lines in Auckland. Kiwi Housing like Kiwibank is owned and operated by New Zealanders for kiwis huh! Could the same be said of Energy and Water.

You have seen that the linear neo liberal system is putting all your eggs in the market basket and all the people start falling off. But if the community invest in own production, could be cutting off the middle man? You know the irony of a sufficient market.

It is not without opposition from those selfish ambitious entities who want it all in their basket. And that is why the government has to regulate for the sake of the community and vulnerable people.

During the time of a housing crisis, individuals are driven to invest in property. This trend is reinforced by the liberal material economy and its modern socialisation among the young population. These liberal individuals move away from the family home to live in temporary units. They are the prospective buyers doing damage to the social aspects of housing.

And the face of the housing product is disestablished in a thinning process where former housing was associated with personal attachments. New houses are built quickly requiring readily available materials that are also cheap.

While the condition of the house is associated with feelings and emotions, the warmth and comfort may present it a fuzzy atmosphere for dreams. But in our modern world of liberal materialism, there are no fuzzy dreams or fluffy comforts. No dreams in an empty house.