Lost in the subjectife world of the abstract, entities struggle in the linear material that imitates the once were humans.

If one is born without hands, he or she may never experience feelings of touch with the hands. And if one is born with hands and for some unfortunate accident lost both his/her hands, would he/she remember how to feel with the hands?

The one born without hands may learn about the feeling of touch by some other way, but never the same with the real feeling.

He/she can remember the feelings of touch because it is recorded in the memory and brain. Now when the experience is recalled, the experience without hands is not real but it is nonetheless taken as the real experience. We are convinced by our passion that the experience is real. I will give this experience the term subjective abstract.

If you connect the senses of site and smell to the feelings of touch, it triggers all sorts of feelings and emotions. And the objective is to encourage touch that gives rise to improving health and happiness.

However, if that portion of the brain is missing, he/she may never have what it takes to remember the experience of touch with the hands. One may never experience healthy and happiness through touch.

And the reality without the experience of touch is similar to the social phenomenon I have called Thinning. It is the disassociation and disestablishment of human feelings and senses such as touch from our minds and brains.

We could imagine someone who has no feelings and senses of touch as a linear entity. He or she recognises and prioritises his/her own importance but devoid of the human touch for others.

Something that happens around human yet no one notice is oblivious to itself. This is because the once were humans used to have human aspects associated with feelings and senses. They expressed this by touch in performing handshakes, hugs, hongi, or kiss. Even a friendly mess of the hair or slap on the shoulders are like intimate feelings of closeness.

Now all of a sudden, no one dares to hug or hongi as if someone is watching. You know there are times you really want to embrace a friend or relative to express how you feel, but that is now taboo and you are left with no feelings for other humans. The act of messing up a friend's hair or slap on the arm could have one serving time in prison.

The thinning phenomenon is rampant with our so-called modern diversity. It is a reality fraught with power struggles. In the absence of the human touch, individuals are all out to destroy others by protecting themselves.

It gets better for the Thinning. All the signs of losing human faculties to the void are everywhere. In their narcissistic pursue, objectivism is out the window.

We have people who are fully self-conscious of their own issues in positions to make moral and ethical decisions about others. And since oblivious of others in self-indulgence of own passion, others may be executed without valid justice.

Many people have lost their whanau; their jobs and their homes through these unethical and illegal decisions.

The phenomenon is more general than minor points of logic.

Maths was once the most exciting subject for investigation, now it's just too hard. Really it's not hard; rather the thinning has become predominant. You cannot remember anything that's not stored in the memory. Well, no way you can recall anything because that part of the memory is thinned.

We'd like to think that diversity is promoted through positive and objective practice such as acceptance of different people; their age, gender and belief. But this in reality of the modern, it's not exactly fair-minded. Those differences in gender, age and belief are live issues of discrimination. It clearly demonstrates that one cannot really practice anything he/she doesn't have. And that is the human feeling of touch.

The loss of faculties to the Thinning is losing the portion that makes us human. The human face of outcomes providing a service is thinned. A young person could be doing a good job in performing a routine task, but customers might be neglected of the human touch.

You see, the paradigm shift is a linear abstract development that has transformed individual humans to abstract entities. The linear material development responsible for our upkeep has made that part of the brain overwhelmed by sellfish behaviour and redundant through lack of use. The dumping down of human touch is a progressive development that has taken over by the thinning phenomenon where once were humans no longer have that human touch for others.

Saying 'good morning' to a colleague can start a good day at work. But it could also be a productive day without social objective purposes. At the end of the day, individuals sort their own needs and leave for their private space in the world.

The worker entity is totally oblivious to providing a service to clients. But clients themselves may not notice any discomfort when they themselves like worker entities are totally oblivious to others around them.

Without colours a photo looks like a linear abstract, it has failed to depict the whole object. But the observer is deprived of feelings associated with the experience. It doesn't make sense anymore. A Thinning world is full of abstract entities going about their own business. But if you are in someone else's way of achieving their passion, are you likely to be thinned!