A bridge to the unknown! Would Mr. Peters be the first to enter the mine in a recovery operation?

Tyranny is imposing an opinion held by a majority upon tradition. For example, if we should all wear women's underclothing, then all those 'kinky fellas' no longer be odd. Similarly, if we should all be idiots, then we shall all be smart.

It's not implying that those who are kinky make up the majority, rather suggesting that the opinion is a popular one among a majority group or generation. It is a tyrannical paradigm.

But really, my experience in Wellington after a year continues to haunt me in the face of civil social relations. The small township I'm living in is persistent with its xenophobic attitude towards different ethnicity. The usual story of middle class middle aged Europeans still hold true to old fashion stereotypes targeting the usual suspects or either Maori or Pasefika.

At first I have lost two good jobs, and now my tenancy; not to mention been a suspect for stealing in shops and subjected to personal searches in public.

While these middle aged Europeans have not found any evidence of their stereotyping, I have won one major claim against a well-known retail company for dodgy dealing over two thousand dollars.

I am at the moment waiting for the verdict on another case against an agent which terminated my tenancy simply for standing up for your rights.

I have always known this to be true. When these folks from up on high look down upon someone like me, they see me as an easy target idiot; a doormat. My trouble begins when I speak reasonable terms and sometimes legal rights.

That's when impositions from above aiming to bury me below as nobody or should I say; social relations of class maintenance. They aim to put me in my position in the Underclass and not as equal to their god given upper echelons.

So, my so-called trouble with ethnic phobia has cost me nearly $10,000 this time. When I am asked to vacate my tenancy on a specific time, I have to secure another abode. At the same time, my bond is held until I move while needing another bond, fees and advance rent to secure another tenancy.

Failing to secure another tenancy means I will end up on the street with consequences of losing yet another job. When I approach MSD for help, I am told my income is beyond the threshold therefore they cannot help me.

I have written about this before and since it's closed to my reality, here it is again. The housing shortage has given landlords the upper hand to discriminate against tenants. I have joined the queue of many prospective tenants viewing possible tenancies and I noticed one common group in particular looking for accommodation. These are single parents and Pacific individuals.

The most vulnerable in society have become the subjects of landlord's discrimination. I have a good record as a tenant not only being long time, responsible, mature, don't drink or smoke, tidy and no debts.

This is one reality that I am proud of until I open my mouth and point out to the agent of the landlord or employer my rights as a tenant or employee. It serves to put me in place according to stereotypical class expectations, but I guess I have respects not only for myself but also for those in the same predicament as I am.

BTW, I am helping out a-would-be homeless student by helping out with minimum responsibility.


Continuing from where I left off, the new tenancy demands 4 weeks rent bond; two weeks rent in advance and one week's rent for agent fees plus GST amounting to $2180.

My current tenancy ends a week before the next tenancy becomes available. That means I have to move out into another place for a week and have my household furniture picked up and stored before it is delivered to my new tenancy at about $1000 in all.

The cost to stay at a lodge or motel is anything from $500 to $3000 a night. And if you are working you won't get help from MSD - straight up!

I cannot afford to stay in a lodge or motel and now totally stuck. I informed my next agent that if I end up on the street, I would want to refund my deposit and advance payment. The agent stated its not straight forward and besides I have already signed the agreement. And the blood pressure is now hitting dangerous level.

At this stage, I am now considered homeless. And that means I will lose my job therefore unemployed. You see the poor state of housing not only gives rise to instant homelessness, but also unemployment. For some the escalation is beyond despair…

Don't despair alone, call for help!!!


I rung a housing specialist and he gave me a technical way out pending the outcome of my hearing. I am also told of thousands people like me who ended up on the street.

Meantime, a different personnel of my intended agent had successfully renegotiated the moving in time with the other tenants and now I can move in the same day my current tenancy ends.

Thank you Lord! The blood pressure naturally cools down.

From my experience, landlords and agents are there for business and not providing a service. It is clear that some landlords take advantage of the housing shortage to discriminate against tenants because of ethnicity, gender, marital status and age.

If the landlord is known, it might be best to avoid corporate landlords. There are some landlords who use community services trusts to hide their intentions.

And the more complaints made against landlords and agents to the tribunal the better it is for tenants.

Notice the correlation: Poor state of housing gives rise to homelessness; unemployment; high blood pressure; depression and beyond.

If you need help with making an application to the Tenancy Tribunal and prepare your case presentation, ask someone in your local CAB. And if you are in the Hutt Valley area, you can email me

I have been helping out tenants in the last 30 odd years.

Last time I look in this small lower socio-economic sector for two bedroom unit is $385 and three bedreooms is $585. This is pure creed unjustified considering the economic status of the area.

Sleeping rough to raise funds help towards the Housing Crisis