ELECTION 201709/09/17

There's a hole in the budgdet Jacinda.

Well Tax it dear Bill.

Well, there is a whole lot of fluffyness blowing about amidst alternative news and obviously leading assessments.

Otherwise, this is an exciting election..


Maori has won - Jackson has won all Maori seats for Labour.

Maori has lost - Maori Party has lost all seats.

Maroi is a king/queer maker - Peters in a position to payback.

Maori did not vote - most..

So, Maori has no one else to blame but him/herself..,.


Would you be better off under Labour or National?, via @nzherald http://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/news/article.cfm?c_id=1&objectid=11922519

The fact is, state housing complements the market. Too many people on long term state housing cause the housing market to stagnate. Not enough people on state housing gives rise to housing price hike.

This aspect is balanced by state housing the social needs with checks and balances for progress that is moving people to better their circumstances.

That is the state of Housing during Mr Key and his linear economic government but somehow neglected the social needs aspect as shortages gave price hike leaving behind the homeless.

With Mr English on-board, the social conservatist looks to address this downfall to balance the market again and housing the homeless.

For Labour is making state housing for long term tenants passed down to next of kin where housing becomes a contributing factor to POVERTY. It is too far to the left that would descend the market to stagnation and depression a vicious cycle.

For Mr English doesn’t have to do much to address the social housing aspect to balance the market once again.

For the moment too many private housing professionals are promoting the private sector and you don’t need another unelected group to have it their way with housing.

The effects of election campaigns have already hit the rental market.

My rent has gone up 15 percent. It's more than coincidence the landlord is scared of Labour's rental policies. I am considered a good tenant; rent paid on time, dont drink or smoke and the tenancy is always tidy. But here if I dont like the rental increase I have to move out.

I did make an unconditional agreement via email, but the landlord has decided she wont renew and extend my tenancy. It is retaliatory because when the landord stated that repairs wont be done, I pointed out its her responsibilities as a landlord under the RTA 1986.

So if you are informed about the RTA, you could be targeted by landlords as a bad tenant.

The fact implies that landlords are more interested in the money than providing a service.


For a good number of us who have been following Labour for years, we simply live on hope. The only tangible outcome we have received from Labour was the Community Service Card. But that is now obsolete as other changes like increasing the cost of prescriptions have made the card useless. It doesn’t have any effects on doctors’ fees.

Instead, our families work two or three jobs a day but still couldn’t bridge our needs. And our lot is blamed on the way we keep our families and extended families. We still provide the population of family separation, and prison inmates for child abuse and domestic violence. Labour knows the major reason is finance and yet the only provision available for us is the benefit and family benefit.

Now is the time to transform that hope into reality and vote for a party that practically produce work and made them available for us. That is the only way out of POVERTY. Work and National promotes business of which work is the outcome that we take advantage of to meet our needs.

Education is one of our motivations for the future of our children. National is also the only party which is bridging the gap between Education and Work.


Our families maintain traditional moral values that had preserved our way of life ever since time. Since Labour, these values have been corroded; it had destroyed the social relations between family members that had secured the family. Those social relations or va make up the basis of our cultures. What’s to become of us when another feminist advances her career at our expense?


How many Pasifika women have advanced their quality of life since feminism or Labour? Our parents especially mothers and aunties are synonymous with cleaning toilets and factories for low wages since the 50s.


Whether Labour or National, we still don’t have a voice. Remember Philip Field when he attempted to stand up for us, he was destroyed by feminist Labour. At the same time, we are coercively subdued for speaking out. The only way we are seen is through Art and Culture by means of protest. Maori had made their voice heard by Protest.

Freedom is being able to think for oneself and responsible for his/her own decisions.

If all men are rapists

And women are equal to men

Then all rapists are women?

From the above logic, we are captured in an Underclass sector impoverished and dependent. It is the source of violence and crime. At the same time, we are over represented in child abuse and family violence making up prison sentences.

Therefore our presence is required for an Underclass as a platform for feminist political determinations. That is the underlying foundation of the modern Labour / Feminism Party.

Now we can change that. We can take up freedom to think for ourselves including taking up jobs away from the benefit. And this is possible under National for it is a Business party and workers are needed, not unemployed and beneficiaries.