The emergence of Trump had put a hold on the rise of feminism, but not for tribalism. Only for Trump is conservative tradition; for feminism is emerging macho tribalism of the female gender.

However, this new head of the beast is showing signs of breaking through in New Zealand election. But like a very clever beast, Labour in its campaign has been too careful not to mention any of its core values of the last decade.

It is where feminism has established a platform in the Labour forum for a socialist industry where men - usually non-European men - prompt the infrastructure of their elite social class. And wonders why we haven't heard of 'child abuse' and 'family violence' typical to their campaign is an obvious cause for concern.

The macho tribalism attitude is characterised by methods of aggressive behaviour aiming to subdue others based on their gender and cultural difference in accordance with the status quo.

If there is one thing that scares me most about people is their open prejudgment of others. They are bold in associating a person with stereotypical roles or social stigmas based on gender or culture.

This behaviour usually happens at work. On various occasions, I turn up for a job and I am met by a bright eyed enthusiastic senior. My presence reminded him/her that the room needs washing, or the vehicle hasn't been cleaned for several months.

I look straight at him/her without saying anything, but I'm thinking about the terms of my contract. And would I be fired should I challenge the senior employee to restore my pride in myself.

I have decided to settle with allowing the first humiliation go but the next time warrants a complaint to the supervisor. And escalation of the complaint usually leads to a culture of the work place that I am sometimes better off finding another job.

It's hard to believe this prejudiced attitude still exists in the 21st Century amidst equality and diversity. These are remnants of old school macho tribalism among nationalists in terms of culture and feminism in terms of gender.

If this type of behaviour is measured in discrimination and violence then it should show on the scale of intentional emotional and psychological abuse and should be classified a crime under discrimination because of gender or race/culture.

Macho tribalism is not restricted to middle aged men only; it is also typical of feminism attitude. It is characterised by chokes, blogs and videos to mock a person or people because of their difference. This instils emotional stress upon the victim to humiliate with congestion effects limiting his/her ability to defend him/herself. And that shames him/her into submission of the status quo.

Now, I don't set out to show off what I know and boast about myself. No, I am too shy to engage on that sort of ambition. I do however care about social issues and would state a basic cause of their effect.

I am fairly informed on social issues and their technical source in employment. On one current job, I have found another supervisor intimidated by me. He had attacked just about everything I say about prominent issues to the effect of uncomfortable level of work.

I am simply more knowledgeable about some issues and they are not comfortable with that. So they would make my life at work uncomfortable and thus emotional pressure to subdue me according to the status quo.

These middle aged tribal men may be good at what they do, but they are lost when it comes to the modern. They have failed to progress and modernise are therefore stuck in their tribal ways of old.

Further, tribal men and women are not constrained to the predominant culture of conservative ideology. There is macho tribalism on the left just as feminism is on both sides of the political spectrum. The one pointer for sure is that this ancient paradigm has left remnants of old macho tribalism in modern societies.

Yes, here in the now of modernity we are still confronted by racism. It is bold but subtle in the expression of so-called freedom of speech.

A little while ago, we have suffered from deprivation to qualifications in education and promotions at work thus remained static in accordance to the status quo. Now, we continue to maintain low paid menial jobs that have failed to provide for our health and wellbeing.

You are excluded from participation in activities that makes one feel unwelcome and not belong. It's the catalyst that motivates people to extremes.

This tribal behaviour is inherent of economic developments that are strategically designed to maintain the status quo.

And that is why Labour is seemed to redeem us, but in reality riding a wooden horse to our submission. Remember the children were supposed to be freed from tradition to do as they please, now their so-called freedom has not only destroyed their lives but also of society. This time, we have reasons to be weary of what socialist tradition can do the economy.

Women are now leading the macho tribe of the modern in the same old wagon of the Underclass.

In the last decade, Labour had concentrated all its efforts on gender equality, child abuse and family violence. Yet in the last two months, nothing is mentioned of such feminist issues. Why?

That is the reason why Labour's vote had corroded before. How many MPs have made their political careers on feminist ideologies and have made up the frontline for Labour? If Labour should win this election, we shall watch its true colours flying on the beast off macho tribalism.