Power to the People

Amidst feminist controversies and immediate environmental disasters posing a real threat to our survival, the future is closer than you might think. Break out of that false security projected by a virtual trance and step into reality. Mind the step though; our world continues to disintegrate in the battle of the classes.

The struggle is now out in the open. The Bourgeoisie represented by the elite business and private sector on the right is now out to undo the government. This should raise the ire of the ordinary folks to drop that feminist subjective 'krap' and back your government on the left. It is where the power of consumers must rise to back their comrades' production both social and material capital.

In the absence of insider information in terms of those controlling investments among political spinners, the market should naturally reflect this historical struggle. It should influence monetary policies as opposed to interest control by federal and political banks.

However with the expected rise of employment and immigration on their side, consumers should favour the dollar and attract foreign interests with potential investments. The left therefore requires a media representation to balance the corporate one in opposition to maintain the people's image. Power to the people!

You'd be wondering why both government and opposition have more or less unite in voicing their bipartisan concerns over the issues of Poverty and Homelessness, but at the same time many children are still enduring Poverty and Homelessness ever since monetary economies took over our lives.

There is no control over it because individuals have freedom to buy and sell houses for a profit and necessarily inflating the price of housing to unaffordable condition for the likes of the ordinary folks. Spinners at the same time are still out to create smokescreens by first blaming Asians among immigrants to protect their private sector.

The ordinary folk at the same time has no one to represent them rely on the government alone. But that is why leaders like Hone Harawhira was favoured among the poor had he been a bit more diverse than Maori himself.

I am writing this while contemplating my immediate future. I can't afford to go to work let alone to school. I don't know how long I can afford to pay my rent so it's not so bad anymore as homelessness is the norm anywhere in New Zealand now. I guess my next home will be in my car on the street like many other folks.

It is most definitely a privileged position to have insight and share real experience among survivors.

And this is where this government is more realistic because it talks in the language of real struggles and closer to the people. It is not talking down from the authoritative and imposing approach like so many others including the unelected. I hope this government won't lose its genuineness for our sake.

On the ground floor, it is where the action is happening right now. Extreme weather condition is certainly among us and it's good to see that community spirit rising and sharing our struggle for survival together.

Having said that, I did make a claim in favour of National that employment for the folks can enable them to change their social standings and in turn their minds and beliefs. But what chances of creating work for the folks when policies of monetary economies accumulate wealth among the rich as unemployment is also necessary for profit extraction.

It is generally agreed among many that Market Economies under Liberalism has failed, but so far no one, not even Mr. English has come up with an alternative. I did believe during his election campaign that he was going to take the people in a new direction, but who knows? National somehow is traditionally a bourgeois party.

I did promote social conservativism the new National headway, but this phraseology has been used by Ms. Adern and Mr. Peters to promote a human face of the material economy. And I believe this is where they have largely influenced the vote.

I don't claim to know what economic endeavour is developed but one thing is for sure, Mr. Phil Twyford is been very careful with the housing portfolio. There is a need to deal with the housing crisis and at the same time the balance between social housing and housing market must be maintained.

And this is where we are. The bourgeois sector is out to protect its prospective investment and the people should also be out protesting in favour of the people before profit. If you listen carefully to some of the commentators out there, they are still riding the Liberal wagon of housing as a commodity. And no one is representing the side of the people.

This is where we miss the likes of Hone Harawira in leading the people to upfront with social issues affecting the lives of their whanau. It seems that most of the left intake entered parliament under the famous 'abuse wagon'. But with feminism aided by the corporate media out there, I think the left is over representative of feminism.

So in keeping with the Labour alliance phraseology, someone has to represent the face of men in parliament for the sake of the young to look up to; not just a shadow portrayed by feminism.

We have a long way to go away from the shelter of the street to an affordable home. It's a slow process but whoever takes the people with, shall be the one to watch.