POOR MAN'S LOT18/01/18

This is really a forbidden zone when people are not usually keen to disclose their personal circumstances online, especially when trying to make ends meet.

The privacy of a struggle is personal yet at the same time a personal lifestyle is privileged to government agencies and public services. When you seek support from the state you become a number in statistical decisions. And you lose your dignity as well as privacy among other rights when you become a recipient of social services. Well, that is if you are a male from the neighbourhood.

Really, you are merely enduring the consequences of social and political policies made worse by the influence of the culture of feminism. However, your private troubles may be personal to you, but the trouble you share among others is a public issue. And there a public sector maintained by struggles of social issues is formed by the consequences of government decisions among external influences.

And that is why the resolution of social issues has to be the social responsibility of the state.

This public sector in time evolves around government successions. When a right wing regime is in office, the issues of the struggle become intense and multiplied. At the same time, the private sector becomes a beneficiary of social services. This trend is reversed when a left wing regime is in place; the public sector needs to upgrade infrastructure including social services.

Let me take you back in a time of transition from Manufacturing to Technology. That to a poor man's terms is process worker, machine operator, labour, or blue collar workers as they were. But it was time to learn new skills in order to continue with paying the rent and tax. This social change requires the support of the state under WINZ for individuals to learn new skills and continue to buy goods and services for the sake of profit and tax.

However, WINZ had its own corporate culture in place. For us blue collar male persons, WINZ is the determinant point of failure. Work and Income New Zealand help place people for employment and support their circumstances during this time. But the culture of WINZ has its own protocol and methods of dealing with people. I am convinced that the feminist influence in this corporation has made it for men to fail.

If you had contacted by phone any government departments, you would have experienced the animated approach. It is worse when you visit the office in person. One has to be courageous to make this visit alone.

The environment is hostile; the approach is animated and the effect is discouragement. But you know if you don't oblige to the demands, you are in trouble. So you have no choice but endure humiliation.

From WINZ to MSD hasn't changed the standards. It's like putting on a different shirt but it's still the same person. The person seeking assistance is totally demoralised.

Whether that is supposed to discourage people seeking help especially during periods of transition has MSD totally off the mark.

The social issues sustaining this public sector today is the result of social consequences of political decisions yesterday. And WINZ then or MSD now has and is in the middle of the transition. Rather than maintaining a hostile environment for a demoralised service, MSD ought to assist and encourage folks towards new skills and new areas for work.

The individual has come to realise the position he/she is in between the economy and its community. Out of work, he/she has obviously needed to look at skills and to find work. And being in the middle of the road, MSD ought to know the directions. But my experience is facing denial after denial of services. I ended up in static statistics for decisions of the past.

MSD is the middle of the crossroads to gate keep who's coming and going.

You will never progress in time because decisions of the past are cemented on your record that is static for ever. So what is the point of trying merely reinforced the position of struggle. It has somehow confirmed a male gender and ethnicity public sector.

When I was coerced from my studies in 95, I endured illness from my school experience. It was then that I discovered the middle road and decided to take up relevant courses to set myself up for technological development. But somehow I was turned down and left with nothing by WINZ.

Today I am semi-retired because of my condition. I did however try to enrol in a relevant course that suits the time and my condition. But like always, it's only setting me up to fail. And failure is a student loan that stagnates one in the position of social class struggle.

That makes WINZ and MSD gatekeepers.

Poor Man's Weekly Budget
Student Allowance $297.95 Rent $295.00
Electricity $17.00
Gas $16.80
Broadband $16.00
Groceries $100.00
Transport $70.00
Total $297.95 $514.80
Balance (deficit) -$216.85

The above budget is denied living and course expenses according to the criterion. The Allowance is good only to pay the rent. Electricity, Gas, Internet, Groceries and Transport make up the deficit over $200. And I am set up to fail once again.

it is conforming to the failing rate for male. By failure is to legitimate student loans and administration fees as debts. Debt burden serves to cement them in the same social class. So, why should I keep on trying when I know the results won't be different any time soon? Yes, it is the source of mental illness.

There I go, another number in the pile of social consequences that have escalated into world beating statistics higHlighting the struggle for men.