For the sake of a working definition, Separation generally is an outcome of various incompatible differences including principles, processes, behaviour and fitting.

In a social context, we attempt to identify what we are separated from and the reasons why. It is hoped then that we attempt at a resolution.

Separatism is the process of representation a group based on race, culture, tribal and religious or gender that promotes their own interest. The successful achievement of that interest separates them from the main group. Their success is seen by other groups as special treatment.

However, the reality of our real material world is that we are not the same. And the organisation of our society is therefore based on differences. It is our difference that we are able to fit in together thus Society is unity of differences.

In our social organisation, our difference is bound by shared values and principles. But when these shared values and principles are breached and corrupt, a function becomes unbound and the organisation falls apart.

In the height of Liberalism, it is difficult to identify shared values when individuals strive for their selfish ambitions. In fact, material values are heightened in desires and differences are multiplied and separation is the order of the day.

At the same time, the shift in values is also accelerated among competing groups. For example, a majority group with the most wealth and resources as the source of power takes advantage of its influence to gain further benefits for own members. But this is not exactly a formal method of distribution or other democratic processes. Instead it is a deceptive way that has resulted in the isolation and separation of other groups.

They also deploy power to profile and single out members of other groups in the process of exclusion and isolation. And the massive violation of values and principles continue to thrive in the organisation of society.

As a result of the misuse of power, the targeted group is separated from the main organisation. When groups are excluded and isolated, the organisation of society weakens. It is a stage where shared values are no longer respected and conflicts surface among distorted individuals.

Unexplained incidents surface in places as some individuals rise against a dictatorial regime while others engage in passive protest. I don't think they care to look closer why our society still tops the world in abnormal behaviour!

I don't believe people will live happily together when they have equal power. I think it would lead them to personal expectations and confusion. But having too much power has intoxicated some individuals to the point of corrupt and abuse.

I have mentioned earlier that determination from the position of the a priori is pure; determination from the position of a postiori is secondary. But what's more valuable is when the a priori transcends the postiori that there is a chance for rehab and restoration.

Power is having others do what one wishes. But fulfilling a selfish or evil wish is abuse of power. Power comes in the influence of money, charisma and status where status is either commercial or social standing.

Some have claimed that power is realised in one's position in society while others argued that power is realised in what one does in society. The former is a social status bestowed upon a leader; the people comply with values and principles of society in respects for a figurehead. The latter is commercial status bestowed upon the elite individual by none other than him/herself; the people respect the leader in return for something including a job or money or even freedom. And followers of a dictatorial regime do so in fear or because they get something in return.

Power corrupt is the use of force to submit a group or individual against their will. It is also using power to achieve a selfish ambition or own gain. And this is expected to reach extreme ends in the height of Liberalism.

And this is where social needs to elevate its standing from the pure a priori to an objective being. When the a priori is quantified by the postiori the practice produces an objective outcome. This outcome is neither subjective nor corrupt. It is phenomenal. In other words, stick to values and principles and lead by example.

Because we are all different; we also have different qualities and gifts. When our material entities are transcended into being, we can all be powerful in our own unique awareness of the positions we are. It is through our unique qualities and gifts that we come to realise our true persons. The realisation enables us to move towards the achievement of our objective purposes.

So separation is organisation based on difference. The values and principles we share are our own qualities and gifts that are realised when coming together in the same position of a struggle.

We have tried living according to influence by commercial status, but selfish ambitions and power corrupt the binds upholding our togetherness. While some individuals may be better off in their own organisation, these secondary values can be restored by transcendence into being.

It is where no matter what gender, race, culture, ethnicity or belief we are, our difference in body is united in values. In our diverse organisation, we would obviously be confronted by varying differences of values. But a subjective principle serves no practical purpose in any organisation. And that is where transcendence serves to filter the subjective principle into objective being.

Being healthy and alive in mind, body and spirit is stronger than living in the material alone.