The Liberal Materialism movement known as Feminism has a populous following I have given the term Populous Collective. The fundamental basis of its ideology is subjective materialism; the heightening of feelings and senses that feed desires and instincts. It is the cornerstone of Marxism Socialism or Material Socialism.

Material Socialism is a raw collection of data that trace the dictate of instincts and desires. It could describe developments of material progress in stages of material growth and depression. For example, a period of growth may highlight a sudden depression resulting from a genetic defect. The genetic defect could be the result of a popular diet.

While the science describes a physical or material trend, raw feelings and senses without objective purposes remain material and subjective. These subjective feelings and senses make up the basis of behaviour that contributes to our social theory.

When the material is transcended into being, it is classified under My Social Relations as Objectivism. The Material or Marxism Socialism is Subjectivism.

An objective for My Social Relations is to identify a valid purpose to stabilise material growth sustaining a quality of life. In addition, this is the ultimate purpose for material development, the basis of the economy.

In summary, Marxism or Material Socialism is based on the material basis of behaviour while My Social Relations transcends the material into objective purposes to stabilise developments for maintaining a quality of life.

The social relations of materialism focuses on aspects of the material such as dreams, wishes and desires.

Now in the spirit of Evolution, I think we all agree that life advances forward and somewhat upward while material progress is supposed to make life better. However, as we notice, material life is deteriorating all around us. Material progress may support life for a time before it rusts and collapses away.

Social aspects on the other hand remain in the memory and often trigger feelings and emotions. And in My Social Relations, it is not directly the material but the social aspects of the material that is analysed.

The analysis therefore seeks to provide explanations of social behaviour by investigations of the material. It is the study of subjective materialism.

The idea of progress therefore analyses opinions, feelings and senses including dreams and desires as social aspects. My Social Relations attempt to validate an objective purpose of subjective materialism towards the stability of society therefore the economy.

In our modern material economy, opinions and feelings have great influence on financial trends. While some of the social aspects are not directly link to the economy, their influence have nonetheless negative connotations to stigmatise productions.

This social aspect I have given it the term 'poison virus'. For example, the 'me too' scandal has caused corporations to pull products that are subjected to contamination. While traditional productions are affected, independent goods are resistant to the poison virus.

The liberal feminist materialism movement relates to gender struggles of mainstream society. While liberal feminist movement target men in positions of power and prestige of traditional expectations, independent productions slip through the radar.

And this is something new, pure, exciting and diverse that shall become the basis of the phoenix economy.

For this, we have indirectly created the groundwork for future generations whether we planned it or not.

The material lasts for a time but social aspects continue forward and upward. Free from contaminated viruses and illnesses of the political and power kind, social aspects can be fashioned to build stable growth and progress.

The history of material progress runs paralleled to social consequences such as abuse, suicide and Poverty. To validate their social aspects or objective purposes can make a big difference in the outcome to influence positive consequences upon society.

As for now, material development is a strategic system of organising life around those who control the means of material development. We are mere units of their production whether living below the poverty line or enduring the poison virus.

That explains limitations around human life to the age of material developments and its progress. Still in the golden age of advance technology, human endures newer forms of viruses and illness. Genetic engineering of foods have advance allergies while virtual reality continue to challenge the stability of our minds.

There is no quality of life gained in temporary static stages of material developments. In fact, human is sacrificed to endure the material stage at the expense of social and spirit growth.

The Materialism Liberal Feminist movement serves to promote material growth. It creates a poison virus to contaminate the social relations of production and at the same time limit any advances for social and spirit continuum.

Because it is a strategic system serving to maintain domination and control of humanity, potential alternatives for true advancement are over looked. No matter how hard we try to better the quality of our individual lives, not much achievement is gained unless we are members of the ruling regime.

So far, the earth will continue to deteriorate to non-existent but the strategic system will not change. Unless a sudden depression in development wipes out the human population, we are static in this plane of existence for only God knows when.

Opinions and what you say matter. The corporate mainstream media has guarded this with aggressive provocation to for security reasons. But loosely applied has created a poison virus to the contrary. That is why Objectivism serves to validate and transcend subjectivism to the stability of social organisation.