What justifies an act a moral deed in our modern world has less to do with right and wrong but more to do with politics. Politics is the determinant of what ought to be right according to the rules of time and place. I have referred to this circumstance as Moral Relativity.

The major institutions of time such as Culture and Religion have dominated influence in deciding what ought to be right from wrong. And their politics dictate what ought to be right about the dominating ideology and at the same time defining what ought to be wrong with the opposition.

These political decisions are influenced by their voting capital and other resources at their disposal as a source of power. And thus power influence dictates what ought to be just and right and or 'might is right'.

There is no denying the fact that cultural influence of the modern is a populous following of materialism. And thus follows what ought to be fashionable and popular that is on demand is right. This is manifested through feelings and senses or desires of materialism. It is the basis of reality a scientific fact.

Popular demands of materialism has influenced the popular vote and in return the victorious party tend to reward populous followers with their desires. While the political party secures the vote may be for the next time, society is certain to advance its material progress in the achievement of desires.

Therefore it is self-evident of culture and politics to have influences on morality. Politics on power influence and populism on material desire strangely input material desire and power to output Hedonism.

In a contest for power and desire, USA politics does what it thinks is right with Gun laws of own country. At the same time, Australia thinks its right to deport persons of foreign origin who have criminal convictions in Australia although these persons have never learned crimes they are convicted of from their original countries.

You see, there is a lack of objective element in USA Gun laws that has failed to protect the loss of innocent lives. At the same time, there is an objective basis of Australia immigration laws that has also failed to protect innocent residents.

Moral Relativity is what is right according to a nation in time, but in our diverse modernity it is not exactly right to others. While moral relativity may accommodate difference, it bears no merit to bind on the same difference. Instead it destroys primary relationship with the greater external world.

Clearly, different nations of the world cannot unite in Peace under Moral Relativity.

Religion gave hope for Peace under what is right for one must also be right for another. It is exactly the opposite of the moral relativity where what is right for one may not be right for another. Just imagine all different religion on the same pulpit, it would become more than the opium of society.

Science assumes reality before the elements of feelings and senses. But you have witnessed culture and politics are led by desire and by might. It means what feels right is morally right.

Religion at the same time has placed morality under the pretext of God. Not only bears it the burden of proof, but followers are merely obeying the rule rather than being informed of what ought to be right from wrong.

It must therefore suggest that even Religion like Culture and Politics are all relative to time and place.

However, that is what it looks like from an existential point of view. It means moral deed is decided by how we feel as reality according to science. But as rationalists; despite own limitation of transcendence claim that reality is not with the material alone.

The pure principle of God is subjective unless it is quantified and transcended into being. The practice quantifies the principle a moral act hence forgiveness, compassion and love.

Objectivism seeks to stabilise reality and renders it purpose and meaning than just to fulfil one's own selfish desire. And objectivism therefore is transcending the selfish material desire to being of integrated material with mind and soul.

You see, feelings and senses that make up the basis of science reality are elevated into intuitive reasoning transcend their material basis into objective of being.

And this process restricts the material to entity while expanding its essence to being. It is with being that reality is stabilised by transcending material acts into moral deeds.

So, like the material that ends in Nothingness, Moral Relativity is restricted only to a time and place. It cannot expands outside itself unless it transforms and transcends into being.

Moral Relativity is related to groups within Society as secondary while their collectivity which forms the greater society is related to Moral Objectivism as primary. So the rules of own country is relative to own local circumstances as secondary, but when relating to external nations of the globe it transcends to Moral Objectivism as primary.

You see, a universal organisation like the United Nations surely has a case for humanity against USA gun laws and Australia Immigration policy.

The stabilising force of difference; Moral Objectivism is not identifying what's wrong or right but what is complete. Its completeness is independent from material desires and ideologies, but provides it a useful purpose irrespective of difference.

And that is what morality is about; it is natural, complete and beautiful.

HOMEMy Social Relations by Peter Wilson