One of my pre-election worries was for the government to be swayed into feminist favour that has dominated headlines of late. It has developed a kind of anti-woman feeling that tends to switch off from watching movies or news and anything to do with feminist ideology. It's not anti-woman; it is more like anti-separatism.

Ridden by the wagon of abuse, the ideology has polarised everything with its stain. And that is the poison virus likely to influence economic behaviour. Ever had a fish bone caught in your throat, you are hungry but then it's awkward.

Real men remain target whether they can help it or not. But the feminisation of social relations of the economy is like pro-woman men among lesbians and gay persons rise in an economic trend base on womanish things. I'm not surprised if pro-woman men start wearing skirts anytime soon and 'pinky cars' for everyone.

In keeping with the mind frame of the generation shift, traditional men are gradually overtaken by the womamisation shift. And the former means of production follow suit, where real men might find it hard to find a job.

It is not so much of qualification and practical experience but fitting in the social and cultural environment of the modern economy. Well qualified personnel might be good for production, but if they don't fit in the culture of work, it would not be a nice place for them.

We've heard of Christians being targeted in work places because of their beliefs, but for a none believer to teach in a believer's school is something else. The PC squad certainly need to validate their professional practice and ethics together.

The most heard of struggles in employment is where individuals are either coerced out of work or have left their jobs because of opinions and attitudes more than skills remain a common occurrence.

And this is like we have a long way to go yet. An economic trend follows a fashion of behaviour for a time until it comes to pass. But the day shall come where we in spite of difference would sit down together and go about our daily business without bother.

Before now, it was colour of the skin that separates us. Racism and then it was belief and culture, but while culture is still separating humanity in some part of the modern, gender has firmly established a sticking point for separation.

It sounds like the art of communication is coming back to enter the list of skills for prospective employees along with attitude and tolerance of others.

Having said that, the trend remains materialist where woman is still restricted to the realm of the subjective material. Not only the ideology is liberal materialism but also woman is still tied in attachments of material desires. Anger and power fanaticism are still locked in the realm of instincts.

And that is why Jesus came to earth to experience pain and suffering of the evil of material desires in order to free woman into being. Transcendence is elevation of material desires to intuitive reasoning.

Such things as blaming and unforgiving are the evil that serves to lock woman in straight-jackets of materialism. And the material burden accumulates to brew and darken the heart.

For most of women's complaints about being subordinates of men, they fit in the image of Jesus carrying the cross. But unlike Jesus who is followed by both men and woman, our woman Jesus is followed by a populous collective, a material Jesus.

They are following for own personal interests as in populism, escapism, and own desires. They do not truly understand the pain of carrying the cross. Their eyes are red with selfish desire that they failed to see real Love.

And since the followers of our woman Jesus have failed to heed the message of the cross, they continue to remain in the subjective realm. And that is why our woman Jesus has to die on the cross for the sake of her followers.

Absorbed in the darkness of pain; jagged by the crown of thorns; stripped naked; nailed to the cross and pierced through the heart; what's left of pain to be experienced? No more fear, no doubt when all your material entities are stripped as you transcend into being.

The 'social relations' of feminism is like all the above pain wrapped up in a material cloak for you to wear around your body as you go about your daily business. But you are likely to wear that material cloak if you don't have anything else to wear.

You see, if you have a solid belief and have no doubt, the feminist social relations of the material shall only bounce off from you. That means the populous followers of feminism are those that have nothing better to do other than to secure their own material desires. They endure the cloak of darkness.

And the 'social relations' of the so-called movement only serves to ensure stagnation in the subjective material realm. They continue to suffer pain and gnawing of teeth in the dark.

So our woman Jesus can now rise from the dead and ascend into heaven. You know, it's so fresh to see a real woman and a real man without that attached cloak around their necks.

When Jesus rose from the dead, it is victory from suffering pain in darkness. And the movement has transcended from the material into the heart and soul of being. This is where we are now in modernity.

HOMEMy Social Relations by Peter Wilson