I have referred to Artificial Intelligence (AI) as (linear) Pure Logic. The outcome of a resolution remains abstract. When human data is collected and analysed, it simply produces a subjective outcome. Data collected of human behaviour are aspects of feelings and emotions. These aspects are not conducive of mental and logical thoughts or objectivism.

This linear outcome conforms to the nature of our subjective world, consisting of units and entities of production. As entities, we serve a function in the role of consumerism in the organization of the economy. Data collected from aspects of feelings and emotions are put together to produce programs. Based on behavioural patterns and character traits from collected data, these programs are designed to attract or to force us to buy goods and services.

AI programs are set out to manipulate our feelings and emotions in order to make us feel good, or feel pretty and cool. By feeling cool, we love the product in return until we are addicted and hooked. Now if our mental reasoning is too strong for AI to work, it has another program to attack us based on collected personal data.

Similar data collections are used by political lobby groups to influence leadership decisions, or to control a targeted group. And of course to support funding proposals. You see, these programs are designed to achieve the desired outcome. He/she who owns AI Data rules!

The data collected from us belongs to us and we should own it. However, if you own an Android powered IPhone, then it's hard to look pass Google to own the machine. In our local situation, there is not much one can do with his/her Android IPhone without having to buy a Google software. The corporate machine collects our data and analyse it to capitalise on our subjective needs.

Global politics represent business corporations who assume ownership of our data and AI machines. These business corporations are usually allied with local right wing governments, who then impose global policies upon local entities. At the same time, these global corporations oppose local concerns on shared issues of Climate Change, Inequality, Poverty, Refugee and Recycling unless they were making a profit.

Meantime, the local population expect local governments to represent their interests against global business policies. Instead, local right wing governments have made it easier for global business to expand their market locally. And global politics are imposed upon local markets with effect to democracy and sovereignty. There is a hostile version of this imposition exercised elsewhere in the world.

However, this is where left wing governments stood up for the people in opposition to global ownership and imposition of global politics. It is evidential of the revision and amendment of the former TPP. This government has truly honoured its promise to changes on ownership and immigration as well as shared concerns on Climate Change, Inequality, Poverty and Refugee. It is strong on maintaining local democracy and sovereignty.

In addition to local issues are Housing, Education and Health with their escalation to accumulate social consequences. But these local issues were rated indifferent to global business politics until now when this government prioritised the same local issues thus effectively slowing down a social crisis.

On the one hand, global organisation relatively share global issues of climate change, inequality, and diversity among others; and on the other hand, local organisation directly relates with escalated consequences of such issues as Housing, Education, Health and Employment.

And a local democracy is relatively involved with shared global issues the same time it maintains own local escalation. A local government misrepresents its democracy when taking precedence of global business over global issues and local escalation.

Our two traditional party system has already taken sides over global and local interests. The social relations of the AI machine highlights the global / local divide and advances to overtake public awareness and popular opinions. At the same time, social struggles and structures are digitalised.

Our organisation is structured upon digital data, the aspects of feelings and emotions in the subjective realm. At the same time, we are mere entities subject to AI Data exploitation. Our struggle is sustained by the digital divide; the struggle between global politics and local organisation.

Global issues are shared among nations in terms of Climate Change, Refugees and effect of environmental pollution. But such issues as Inequality has appeal of a social movement although some countries have their own local politics and culture of the same. It is relatively considered interference with local democracy and sovereignty should foreign countries impose their opinions on locals.

Further, what does it mean for inequality? If woman is promoted because of gender, and male is demoted despite his qualification and experience, then it's not really equal. Thus the issue has failed to validate it a binding value let alone a universal one. It remains a social experiment promoted in favour of women.

Now the subjective material entity can achieve a solid objective outcome when serving a stable purpose toward the stability of the community. This is obvious in the improvement of medical tools and therapies. But the nature of AI data collection has resulted with addictive behaviour leading to illness and death.

AI Data has served a useful purpose, but it's the nature of material business that has advanced the means of exploitation and spread of disease and illness.

That is why data collected has to reinforce objective behaviour. It is allowing the machine to learn about human objectivism so when the machine advances to production, it has prioritised objective outcomes to the effect of reducing pollution and disease epidemics. More importantly to safe guard us from harm.

Having said that, AI machines are likely to extend the soul of material capitalism in the renewal of the profit mode. That is exploitation.