We are human beings living in our social world. How does a human being feel to have a heart in our material digital environment is somewhat clinical and impersonal. To remain human and relative to technical relations therefore data must find a social role in our social organisation.

However, material progress continue to exploit and advance into the layers of our being. We know by natural right it is not for human to adapt and find a purpose in the digital world. No, the digital machine must find a useful purpose to serve our humanity.

For a start, the digital economy continues to exploit us for a profit. Not only alienating us from our natural environment and from ourselves, it has stagnated our human developmental progress in the archives of history.

Data collected from us are used to analyse our characters are stored in the machine databank just like a police record. While we make progressive changes and improve our personal circumstances, the collected data is static in time; the machine refers to us according to the record in our history. This not only deprives us from fair justice and access to resources for the betterment of ourselves, but those who make decisions depend on data more than our human live representation. Digital relations is thus a static development.

Our humanity is a progressive development. People are for any number of reasons change their lives around but data collection does not recognise their better achievements.

You see, we have already ruled out dependency on memories for they are not reliable. This is particular in the modern when memories of virtual reality is added to dreams and experience of our waking hours. Also, we change our physical features when we are sick, or gain and lose weight as well as aging. For others gender is changed whenever. Thus data of facial features and identities surely cannot be reliable to identify us.

In terms of language, I have started with reference to the human heart. Now, if the new covenant is written in the heart, will the linear machine conduct a heart surgery on us in order to access the covenant? It's kind of scary when the machine which is a linear subjective material is relied upon by authorities for crucial decisions in our lives.

I have referred to social human beings to have a spirit and the machine among animals may have a soul. The soul in the linear material including human is subjective, but when filtered and elevated it becomes the spirit of being. Creatures among other things are not expected to transcend their souls. They depend upon their human creators and programs for operations. They cannot achieve a state of intuition when their creators and masters manually operate and determine their direction.

It is impossible for a linear machine to elevate itself in order to fully understand and communicate with a social being. But being a linear subjective material among creatures, it is expected to heighten its feelings and emotions to instincts in a state of excitement.

That is why it is essential for the machine to equip itself with an algorithm accessory to filter possible objectives for elevation from the static linear subjective to the objective layer.

The machine then is available in a two-layer existence of production; first in the linear static state and second; in the elevated objective state. Instead of the AI Machine performing a surgery to access matters of the heart, it relates to the second layer for communication with social human beings. Who knows into the future, we might even have religious AI Machines to counter evil AI ones! It might be even better than some of the modern religions we haveā€¦

Really, the works of humanity would be purely achieved; inequality is levelled; climate change and pollution alleviated; illness and disease oh what a beautiful world that would be. A singularity of this latter type is ideal for we are incapable of mental transformation.

Unfortunately, the linear subjective type is downloaded upon our minds willingly to ensure we remain static in our consumer role of serving the machine.

That is why we must try to be objective in matters of the heart to maintain our humanity. There is nothing wrong with dreams and desires, they don't spread like a disease until they take hold and lead to illness and death. But a balance with Objectivism would safeguard us human by an elevated communication.

If the covenant of love descends upon our minds and rests in our hearts, then feelings and senses of love are filtered and elevated to intuitive or objective being. Therefore Love in the physical sense such as lust, selfishness, physical attraction and desires becomes Love in the spiritual sense in terms of Compassion, Forgiveness, Joy, Faithfulness, Peace, Beauty, Kindness, Caring, Self-Control and so on. But we act in the character of Faith that quantifies the covenant into social reality. A service to the community needs no rewards or recognition but maintains peace.

The new covenant demonstrates fruits of the spirit, or traits of character. Feelings and emotions are elevated to become intuitive and natural in reaction to the material and by responding with what ought to be the right thing to do. This is an inborn natural process, not created by scientists or capitalists.

If a level 2 machine is equipped with this objective accessory that reality is restored and balanced for the stability of our humanity. With that objective descended upon the mind, our responsibility is naturally escalated to climate change, fossil fuel, housing, health, Poverty, Violence and Crime...