New Zealand has a very aggressive media that imposes proliferation of material production. It has become the means of social exploitation. Young persons whose minds are not fully developed must be protected from this onslaught of the linear invasion. They are introduced addictive substance of desire in the heightening of their emotions over their thinking. And thus deprived a chance to develop their mental attributes in making sense of themselves and the decisions they make.

In a normal course of events, a citizen serves an objective function in the social organisation of society. He/she is inspired by objective thoughts and beliefs of who they are. Their interaction forms social relations of positive meanings and quality purposes or objective outcomes.

Objective outcomes balance and stabilise the organisation of society, which in turn influence the health and welfare of citizens. So there, the dynamic organisation is the practical quantification of their thoughts and beliefs.

Obviously, thoughts, ideas and beliefs, which make up their IDs are engraved in patterns of the Arts and Culture. And coming together is celebration of Art and Culture and expression of themselves. The whole dynamic existence is reality.

So if what you believe in is making you sick and depressed, then why can't you simply change your mind. Unless you are indulging in too much of a good thing, I don't think anyone could be sick and depressed from objective and positive outcomes.

It is when your mind is subdued and overwhelmed that you are not able to filter objective outcomes. This also happens when you have a brain injury or under the influence of psychotic drugs and mental illness.

We are also reminded not to reward the bad behaviour as we unlearn them. Remember the dog that was salivated by the sound of the bell, well to unlearn that behaviour is not to reward the dog with food. But there is something surreal in here. When you watch a fast food ad on TV on an empty stomach, obviously you'd begin to salivate. That's when your emotions are heightened over your mental thinking. Even if you have objective values, you are still vulnerable when the reasoning portion of the brain is subdued.

The trigger to control your emotions is offset by colours, lights and sound used in the advertisement to target certain areas of your brain. The area that deals with emotions picks up the wave signal from the advertisement to heighten its awareness and record the advertisement in your subconscious mind, while the thinking part of your brain is subdued.

And today there are too many psycho social engineers freely casting their traps all over the place. Some of those traps raise very real fear for the young victims. Young victims have experienced many strange nightmares. Psycho social engineers have been setting up their traps for decades but apart from a boosted consumer economy, nothing else has changed; addiction, illness, violence and crime are still on the rise.

On a normal state, thoughts and beliefs that construct reality are filtered in the mind to produce objective outcomes. When material science interprets a behaviour, it is the genes and cells that are responsible for social meanings. The linear approach is inputting a chemical substance to output a desired meaning. And issues are interpret by linear materialism. Feelings and emotions then can be switched on and off by manipulating chemical input.

Since feelings and senses in part forms the consciousness, science can now electronically switch awareness off and on. But this layer is restricted to the subjective realm. There is a pure development in the objective that connects the conscious awareness to what ought to be right from wrong. And material science cannot manipulate this elevated development by their linear material input. The subject is tied in subjective attachments remains an innocent victim, can be liberated by the practice of objective belief.

The elevated sphere is where believers are free to forgive and let go without harm but heightened emotions of desires are satisfied when paid for by an eye for an eye. There is no scientific explanation for that fact.

Getting back to therapy, when input such as food is over indulgent and out of control, the impact results with a negative consequence such as an illness or disease. Burt an addiction cannot be easily treated by stopping food intake or switching back the logic portion of the brain. There's the good feeling of satisfying desire and the habitual behaviour involved in achieving the stimuli. That is why the objective mind has to be restored by the practice of objective ideas and beliefs. It is reality the transcendence of self.

Holistic therapy therefore involves the mind and body integration to achieve a balance outcome. And a balance outcome is when portions of the brain are working in a harmonious equilibrium.

The therapy involves objective development, self expression and protection against psycho social exploitation. It is development of the soul by engaging in objective tasks to remain strong and not vulnerable to psychosocial exploitation.

While one has to have a sound logical mind, this can also be achieved by persevering with good deeds and self expression through art and culture in the community.

When the child learns about the world, he/she discovers himself in the framework of culture, history and the art. He/she picks up images and ideas of beliefs in self expression of belonging, of confidence and transcendence. And amidst one's realisation is family among friends and loved ones.