If resentment is unforgiving and vindictive of malicious feelings, it's not easy to let go when the same feelings are kept alive by other complainants of the same issue.

So, when someone who cost you your job or caused you harm is dealt with by another person, it gives a sweet feeling of revenge and one is able to slowly forget and move on. The vengeful desire is satisfied or part of although one didn't actually do anything about.

However, not everyone is satisfied easily and if resentment is left unsolved, a staunch claim for an eye or tooth or pay back is fester in the system that would take a toll on behaviour. And the spiral escalates to the deep end.

I have witnessed some children remarkable mechanisms of recovery from a setback; he/she is resilient in forgiving a parent in a few minutes. That must be trust. Believers have this advantage of letting go by Forgiveness, by Hope and Trust.

There are few public issues of current concerns but I will mention Housing, Property Managers, and Bullying at work to demonstrate a point.

  1. The private sector has increased the cost of housing including rent; those who cannot afford a home are in dire homelessness.
  2. Property Managers have used their power to exploit the tenant resulting with disadvantages and anger.
  3. Bullying at work has hurt many people to the point of losing a job and other personal injuries.

[a]. In the linear material mode, the landlord provides a house as a product for his investment and raising the cost improves his/her profit. [b]. Now the landlord hires a property manager to administer his/her investment, but the agent gets creative and wanted to make his/her own money from the tenant. The tenant is further exploited by the agent, mainly from what I have referred to as accessories of the house such as facilities, Maintenance and Repair. [c]. And the social relations of housing between the landlord, the agent and the tenant is sometimes heightened to the level of harm and resentment.

There are separated elements in play; the material and the social. In this duality, one is mutually exclusive of the other. That means, when the economy is dominated by a linear material mode, the workers among consumers expect to be homeless, exploited and bullied. Landlords among business owners are their own rulers. They refuse to be responsible for the social consequences of their action that witnessed thousands of homeless low income families among the sick and poor. The consumer low mood and lack of confidence is exemplified by a dark cloud. Society is still on repair mode for the social consequences of the previous government.

Opposite the linear material is the social mode of the economy. It is when the economy prioritises social qualities, that the dark cloud is lifted among workers and consumers. And at the same time, the separated is true of business confidence.

At the beginning of this essay, I have pointed out feelings and sentiments associated with the state of economic developments. In the last ten years, the material was separated from the social by isolation of the consequences. It is now predictable that when a right wing government is in office, social issues accumulate to world rate consequences as the individual rise over communities. When a left wing government is in office, all the public spending is to cover for neglect of both physical and social infrastructure as communities rise over the individual.

While social issues are typical to government of the day, those issues can be alleviated by tweaking the economy. But tradition to political standards is material to the right wing and social to the left. This has polarised society to status stratification along racial divide.

If people are like children in trusting their parents, dark clouds and low moods are instantly disappeared just as they are formed. But the population have developed a linear material gene in their systems that has hardened their hearts of resentment and vengeance.

And that is why believers are good for the economy. Believers are able to forgive and let go of issues to clear low moods and dark clouds of the economic environment. However, religion has become the catalyst for antagonism. So we are doomed!

May be not. Although resilient, young children are vulnerable to manipulation of their trust. But the shift of perception can help with moving away from personalisation of issues to systemic responsibility. The private sector exploit this opportunity well by having the government responsible for the consequences of private business failure.

You see, social trends and consequences are related to the economy and that is business production for a profit. If a government can prop up development for the private sector, then I'm sure it's only fair the government can make good of the consequences if the private sector doesn't give a hoot.

Again, society irrespective of their differences need to participate equally in opportunities and share responsibilities. It can only unite separated sectors to be world champions and not at the expense of each other.

We have learned from our own experience that having a rock star economy the same time thousands of children are living in poverty while abnormal social consequences top the world is nothing to boast about.

It's not slowing down the rate of growth, but ensuring growth is entirely and equally directed at the health and welfare of society.