For what appears to be a primordial state, under envirionmental conditoin, it is difficult to sustain snow in the heat of summer. There is brutal cold in the warmth. But the mix temperature generates a violent force that destroys homes and human life.

Given freedom of choice in matters of concern such as sex, prostitution, or abortion that could affect health and wellbeing but also the harm impact upon victims is where a free choice is not so free. The environment breeds social trends and individuals are caught in their feelings and senses.

However, freedom to choose is not a whim of feelings and senses when the mood and not reason determines what ought to be objective. Considering the consequences tracing back decades are making legal prosecutions in today's laws. A professional precedence has standardised.

The modern term for freedom is to do whatever one feels like. So when one feels like having sex for the moment, he/she can with whomever and wherever. The so-called choice in the modern is instinctual and therefore subjective.

The moral implications follow that one is under legal age and consent; also, he/she is not married. Well we know there is no moral guard and even children as young are having sex with whomever including with married individuals. The instinct simply dominates reason, and that is not a free and moral choice.

Politically elevated, the public issue has established the infrastructure of a sex-abuse industry. Millions if not billions of dollars have been privately paid out to hundreds of alleged victims of some children decades ago have become adults now.

But we are accustomed to a standard that a public issue is the responsibility of the state to ensure health and wellbeing of citizens and especially the protection of the under aged are safeguarded. This anomaly in the social organisation is largely environmental according to me.

Like drug and alcohol addicts who have subdued their reasoning to heighten desire and instincts, abnormal sex behaviour can also have access to funded services for rehabilitation.

Yet the Church continues to provide a handout program for a public issue dated back to the 19th Century or so?

It is likely that gay and lesbians were subjected to common social persecutions of that era, sought refuge in the Church. They came in with warts and all and have established a haven in the Church to continue their deviated behaviour.

Today in the modern world of diversity and equality, gay and lesbians are liberated to be themselves. It is men who are hunted for that deviant behaviour while gays continue to exercise same sex behaviour.

Surely they cannot be priests while holding the church to ransom by that deviant behaviour. A same sex couple in the priesthood is probably too much for Sts Paul and Peter, the apocalypse of things spirit.

In our modern employment environment, it is impossible for an ordinary male with a criminal record to find reasonable stable work. His crime may have been due to the demands of poverty but he serves a life time of deprivation along with his family. In here, gay persons continue to take advantage of the Church at the expense of poor parishioners.

Christians whether by vocation or circumstances are among the poorest in the world. To allow deviated behaviour sustaining a sex industry borne by parishioners is a cardinal sin.

We understand the nature of addiction is termed a disease for rehabilitation purposes. And like addicts who have ruined their families, the choice is not really a free choice. They are helpless to the disease and until they have controlled over their disease, the Church is not a place for practising gays and lesbians.

There is a fundamental need to protect the innocents and the future of the Church. And considering trends of yesteryears, there is no guarantee the current intake of gay priests would not harm the innocents and the future of the Church.

Even for those who are well learned in their skills and leadership have proven to have no control over the disease. They have the right to their sex orientation, and they have won recognition from political liberations. Now is the time to go out while the Church undergoes a primordial restoration.

You see, folks who are struggling with their families cannot find work in social institutions and public services if they have a criminal record. But some practising gay persons are protected by the Church while having access to the means of their desires; at the same time, the consequences are footed by parishioners.

How can anyone have a free choice to sex orientation when the Church is paying millions for the consequences is a kick in the guts for poor parishioners.

The Church is overdue for a substantial purification. The principles are quantified by practice deserving of faithful followers.

In the pristine environment, pure principles are just as subjective until the breadth of God has quantified the human experience. The material is filtered and purified by the practice is transcended into being. The process would fail the principle if the experience precedes; the creature instincts over reason.

We want our Church back, returned in its primordial condition. Please take your politics and material desires out of the Church. The bridge of Transcendence is a holistic place of worship and renewal of the relationship between man and God.

'To do what is right and just is more acceptable to the Lord than sacrifice' - Proverb.