Transcending the material is elevating the senses through the filter of the mind. The outcome is practised in actual reality. The filter or mode of thinking determines the act and you are quantifying the act into objective being. That's for a thinking person acting on principles he/she is not acting on impulses or instincts.

For an addictive person, the opposite is true. The senses are heightened into instincts and the person's reaction is determined by powerful desires.

The principle determination is also subjective unless it is quantified by the objective act into reality. But the instincts remain subjective as the person is reacting according to the force of desires. So there's no point of talking about principles without the act.

Now some have carved out pathways of principles to guide their action by integration into their character. Others too have added a bit of colour and innocent fun to their character.

On the next layer, artists have created images to heighten the senses and satisfy their desires. For example on a linear plane, a straight line is one dimension. Then you add a bit of background to define and distinguish it in space and perhaps a shadow to indicate time in the third dimension. And there you begin to see the linear object transformed.

Now into being; the aspects of the senses add colours, sound and taste that you can begin to feel the object in your person. So now if the artist is the principle filter in your mind; the mode of determination, the linear transformation is quantified by a responsible act or something that is good and objective. Your senses and feelings prompt awareness and motivate you to an objective outcome.

Being is stable existence quantified by objective principles. Being is also existence of the subjective realm, but it's not a stable existence since it is determined by instincts and desires. In this case I have given the term entity to distinguish the subjective existence from stable objective existence of being.

However, if the senses have their way with the linear transformation, you might end up with something either scary or extremely fun.

For individuals set out to satisfy their desires in their own space, but for others with similar principles and values tend to share objective values that prompt their social organisation.

Now try to raise the excitement of sports that is killed by politics. Imagine say having Nonu absent from the All Blacks! Woe to the senses, this is like having fish and chips without Tomato Sauce; those official guys sure know how to remove colours off a vision. A bit like the Labour Party without workers voice, there's no more shivers in the cold of winter.

And in so doing has left a deadly trap in the linear plane. Well, if usual reality is 3 dimensional, they have removed one dimension off and left a big hole, folks walk right into a colourless trap. It's a long lonely walk from the edge of Platform 9 to the biting wind of a dark alley.

You see, the usual favourable guys are like predictable and boring no matter how stupid they fail, commentators among the media never switch off the flowing praise.

But for those other guys like Nonu, they rarely receive any, not one nod of approval from the media and officials no matter how the audience jumped on their feet when the Rasta locks dart against the wind between the uprights. That's the whole 80 minute game in a moment of glory. Desirable! What makes a dude character is he not only gets blamed on and off the field, but also has a working class background.

The political illness has swooped Kiwiland by those linear unimaginable, uncreative same old men. Here we have hundreds of millions poured into the housing market, and at the same time preserving their tax-free capital income while working folks are left outside in the cold.

In Wellington, there were 4000 homeless folks in 2013, now it's 10,000. It is greed that has enabled landlords to accumulate homelessness. I know this because I am in the forefront, experiencing the shivers of the wind.

Ok for some reasons including a rundown room you want to move out, normally you give two weeks' notice as your rent is paid two weeks in advance. Now, when you apply for another place, you are immediately disadvantaged because you have to wait for two weeks in your current rental hoping to recover your advance. Meantime the landlord in the prospective rental is ten times out of ten opt for a tenant who can move in immediately. Funny enough, the new tenant has to pay two weeks in advance.

And landlords have a good thing going tax free.

You see, when greed blinds the vision an injustice is imposed upon the tenant becomes business as usual. It has to be a standard expectation to give every prospective tenant the same chance of two weeks intention to move in.

Running against the wind shakes the cold off winter, and more than likely the folks left out in the shivers are cheering for colours.

Whether he knows it or not, his image serves an objective purpose of keeping some cold homeless folks warm on the outside. Keeping Nonu off the field is removing colours from the vision and rugby is choked-off to a linear colourless plane once more.