What is the point of Free Speech if it's fake, I would side with objective truth. That's intentional to produce a positive outcome without spinning the facts. Well, there's a time and place for everything. For now, the time is Modernity and Place is Climate Change, Equality, Diversity, Refugee and Poverty.

Liberalism is the political doctrine that stands for the individual's right to life, right to property and liberty. Liberalism also emphasises the right to autonomy and equal opportunity.

If the doctrine is applied to the economy, then it asserts autonomous growth with little government intervention.

There are various levels and perspectives of Liberalism but I want to draw attention to its moral claim to life and to equal opportunity.

For morality, the two basic elements inherent of the Liberal claim are Freedom and Right. While the two concepts can be interpreted from the material, both are interchangeable in their valid outcome that transcends Nature.

The right to life precedes freedom an objective implication; the valid outcome is natural. A right therefore is unnatural and invalid in the negative sense. Thus one doesn't have a right to harm him/herself or encroach upon someone else's right. It implies that 'right' is to protect and enhance life.

However in this stage of capitalism, modern progress had enhanced the life of the material to exceed over and above human qualities. I have termed this process 'thinning' as the material object is prioritised over human values.

The first layer of Liberalism in here is the valid claim to morality is given the term Social Liberalism. The second layer is the invalid claim is given the term Material Liberalism. Social Liberalism on the one hand enhances labour and consumer groups who are proactive in participation of activities of their society. Material Liberalism on the other hand is the realm of the individual striving to impose his/her right over the right of groups to dictate the terms of their communities.

Obviously, individual pursue of the material is organised from outside the circle of social groups. This is the common group known as the private sector. The private sector takes advantage of their material wealth to manipulate and subordinate workers and consumers alike. This is to prevent citizens and group members from participation in decision making of their society.

The private sector favours less government and only needs a regulator to formulate laws in their favour. The right of Liberalism party therefore stands for the political belief of the individual's right to life, to freedom and to property. And the right of the individual exceeds the right of the community.

The right leaning private sector was once restricted to a class of middle aged white men. In the modern, the private sector has extended its club members to other business capitalists including corporate entities. They operate from outside of society employing the media and token public figure to influence the public and decide social issues of debate.

We have learned in Material Liberalism that the material is prioritised as more valuable than human. It also asserts the rights of the individual over the right of society.

Organised under Social Liberalism, workers among consumers engage in public activities and decisions of their society. They need a governing authority to regulate social contracts and to ensure the attainment of their right to life and to equal opportunity.

In other words, workers and consumers need the security of social contract to enhance their rights in democratic participation and equal opportunity.

So in the modern stage of Capitalism, the linear material progress indulges in the realm of Subjective Socialism. This is where individual's right and autonomy in his/her right leaning belief to pursue material aspects at the expense of human qualities and of society. Materialism takes advantage of wealth accumulation; the harsh conditions of imposing domination, manipulation and exploitation. And the far right leaning dogma descends its principle and fails to validate outcomes of right to equal opportunity.

The individual's right and autonomous become the material's right and autonomous over the individual and society. This in the modern is similar to a republican organisation of private individuals who take advantage of their wealth and property to dictate the terms of survival.

Material Liberalism claim has created the condition for those on the margin to rise and claim their right and freedom to life and to equal opportunity.

You see, the private individuals organisation is neither democratic nor a social organisation of society. Instead it seeks to influence and dominate decisions of society in their individual interests.

Now for a place in time, Material Liberalism operates in the realm of Subjective Socialism. Social Liberalism is the valid form of Liberalism. So on the right we have Material Liberalism and on the centre left operates Social Liberalism. And thus Capitalism is subjective under Material Liberalism and valid under Social Liberalism. A time where the majority and moral decisions are natural to Social Capitalism.

For right leaning beliefs and entities to validate their democratic participation in society is made possible by moving from the far right to the centre and from private to public under a social democratic organisation.

The individual's right and freedom to pursue the material has transformed material values not only exceeding the individual but also over and above the right of society. And this has enabled individuals to claim they can do anything including harming themselves if they want to. We have come to witness this fact in cold statistics of social issues of modernity.

Material Liberalism therefore is invalid and dangerous under Subjective Capitalism. It is a time and place where the dark conditions have given false autonomy under the disguise of the material to do whatever they wish.

The private imposition of social ills have convinced individuals they have an alternative treatment in Euthanasia. And the right to Euthanasia becomes an alternative treatment for internal illness the result of prioritising material values over human dignity. And Euthanasia is the ultimate sign of material victory over human.