Between Abortion and Euthanasia, a lucky working class folk has around 70 years to find his/her soul. At the young infant stage, his/her own unique person is forgotten in the primary construction of the material self. But before the untreatable illness of age, the soul is absence in the empty self of pain.

BTW, we say society is a group bound by shared values in democratic activities of their society. Really, the only say the folks share is the vote. All other major decisions are made for them by those who don't seem to share the same values and happen to be a minority from the outside of binds.

Anyway, life for a young working class folk is already a contradiction by those opposing values. Decisions made by the minority from outside of binds impose profound struggles upon the family. But the burden is passed down to rest upon the young folk's shoulders. Well, if the cat could talk, his/her load may be shared.

Led to believe whatever the material construct portrays, he/she endures family responsibilities and society's expectations usually imposed from those on the outside. Then there's peer pressure amidst bullies and conformists. But sadly, many young folks are paralysed in this dark alley. Ill prepared and underdeveloped, they never had a chance to recover. For now, he/she is a complete mould; a superficial material character.

For what it is, somewhere between feelings and emotions of the young adult is an internal development. It's a state of fade awareness in peace and tranquillity.

The challenges of the young material character have mountains of issues of growing up. And the external development of self takes a toll on his/her feelings and emotions. But at the same time, the fade awareness of peace and tranquillity provides a comforting place for him/her to rest.

The fading development struggles against the external character, but there is no way for the fading awareness to materialise to life because the external character is dominating his/her life.

The preacher said you cannot serve two masters at once. Either your soul is slaved to the material, or transcend in the peace of objective being. Others say it is only painful in the material and body. But can you cope with the pain of feelings and emotions?

The material construct of self has separated the body from the mind and spirit. The young adult struggles to use his/her mind against the domination of feelings and senses, the subjective material. So for as long as one is dominant in the material, he/she will experience pain of feelings and emotions. So the young in the height of feelings and emotions is a stage of growth defined by pain.

The development of the fading awareness progresses in the adult stage. So pain of feelings and emotions are anesthetised by peace and tranquillity. It sounds bit like a clinical process of a chemical reaction. May be may be not but the prevailing theory before the drugs are founded in thoughts. Its ideas and thoughts that trigger the nerves to release chemicals.

So you see, the fading awareness is only faded because of the domination of the material self. But allow it to develop provides thoughts and reason to material issues.

When you are not your external material self but in the stage of fading awareness, you are thinking of objective ideas against material subjective ones. Quantification materialises ideas, but Objective is when you act on those ideas to produce a productive and stable outcome, So it makes sense therefore that when the material and body are suffering the pains of feelings and emotions, your thoughts and internal person can heal.

The trouble is, some folks unfortunately couldn't make it to the stage where fading awareness is realised. Others never had a chance to develop one, remain in the dark. And this is where the idea of linear originated from. Those folks who are totally material alone; their feelings and emotions are subjective and dominant that the fading awareness had no chance to develop a life.

So we could have adult folks in the external material self who have succumbed to the pain of the body and are still struggling against the issues of the material. Can their feelings and emotions survive without the body? It is a major leap of faith but if you can change your character and be more aware of your internal person, yes! You can dream in deep sleep and have out of body experience too.

And on the other side, someone who seems to be lifeless and totally lacking judgment and intuition is said to be a zombie. But this is true when material promotions gave rise to the development of self. I am making the claim in here that some of these folks could have healed and saved themselves had they developed fading awareness. Instead, state capitalism had robbed them of their souls when moulding into material shells. Now they are doomed as they couldn't give of themselves anymore.

That is why dignity is unique of his/her holistic being, free to use his/her mind and express his/her spirit. One has the freedom to participate in democratic activities of his/her society. It fulfils a social responsibility and enjoyment to the mind and spirit. Not a zombie conditioned on demand to perform routine tasks, to think and feel the same way. And so without the mind and spirit that animates life, the empty shell is cast aside.