Racism in health services 04/08/19

I have lived in New Zealand for over 40 years now. A couple of months ago I was taxed $500 a week for my earning. When I left that job my holiday pay was taxed 50%. I couldn't believe it when I am single and relatively fit I don't use many public services and not when I'm earning over the threshold.

The only disadvantage I have in New Zealand is the colour of my skin. I am stereotyped and taken for an idiot when so-called white professionals see an easy target.

I was browsing through the Internet and came across a doctor who admitted mistreating his patients because they are non white.

I totally agree with professional statements made by those doctors and health workers about institutional racism. It is only a tip of the iceberg.

While those so-called health workers concerned may have personal excuses for their behaviour, my experience relates to Hutt Hospital clinics. A couple of years ago I attended a day clinic as a result of an accident. I came in time for my appointment, but sat in the waiting room for up to four hours as those who came after me were seen and left.

I understand that more urgent patients were seen first, but believe me I was more in need than those who wondered in for a chat and before you know it they are seen and left.

I enquired about why am I waiting for too long, but the female staff informed me I still have to wait. After another half an hour, I left the waiting room as I was very hungry.

I nursed my injured foot for the remaining months until it was healed.

My experience of the same hospital resurfaced when I turned to A&E for an urgent need. I arrived at 11:30 pm and hadn't seen until 07:00 am the next day. And again, I witnessed people who came in after me seen and left while I am just sitting there in the cold.

It is the usual format of a female front desk person, a bit like WINZ set up where they talk down at you as if you're deaf and for everyone else to hear why you're there.

For European and female patients, the curtesy is overworked with greetings, and you cant help but notice front desk workers getting off their seats to offer help.

I would avoid A&E if I could see my doctor in the morning. Instead it takes two weeks wait for an appointment. The pain of the ailment can't wait and had to be treated urgently.

Here I am now making excuses not visit A&E for emergency treatments. It is now a disadvantage to non white male in particular. And that consequence of racism qualifies the practice discrimination. And discrimination results with under treatment of non white patients although they are all New Zealanders. The practice really is criminal conduct.

Apart from a few Asians, the only time you see a non-white staff is when the cleaners come in. The corporate culture of feminism is taking a strangle hold on administration of health services.

Whatever happens to Equality and Diversity doesn't help Lower Hutt grow. Instead it is stagnated by the political strangle hold of a power struggle. Why do they take it out of the poor ordinary non-white folk who are usually troubled with health issues and low income.

It's a conscious reminder of Colonisation and Dawn Raids keeping racism alive in public services.

I think Lower Hutt needs a paradigm shift to replace the old hands with their racist attitudes and to allow professional practice at work for all irrespective of race or gender.

I have been a blood donor for a while, but as long as I am treated this way, I don't think I can trust any white professional with my organs. A doctor up north admitted he had treated non white patients with inadequate medication therapies. And it looks like a common treatment typical to hospitals where feminism is the culture.

This racial treatment of non white public is a major reason behind their neglected health. And until health workers are professional with diversity and status, Lower Hutt hospital remains a service in the past.

There is a wide population of non white people in Lower Hutt. But its rare to find services catering for their cultural needs. It is something I noticed when first arrived from Auckland a couple of years ago, that it was like travelling back in time.

Culture is more or less attached to church communities while smaller communities are operated from the carriage. To attempt at keeping Lower Hutt white only conservative suburb is to accept stagnation in uniformity.

Well, that's standardising homelessness and low income sector with neglected health treatments as Maori and Pasefika while society is closed to Europeans.

Having shared the above, let me tell you that it takes a special kind of character to be treated this way without retaliation. We wonder why staff are attacked in hospitals and I can think that some patients can't handle indirect provocations.

It certainly doesn't help your self esteem, but if you can handle humility; that's letting go of deliberate injustice done to you. You are more than your treatment.

And this is what makes a holistic person. Not indulging in selfish status of the upper echelons, but experiencing the struggle among the weak and vulnerable of society.