We say that individuals are responsible when they are accountable for the consequences of their action. While not all individuals are legally responsible be it age, illness or under the influence of medications and drugs, I haven't heard of anyone dismissed of criminal liabilities because of the above reasons.

Those enduring illness and addictions are not free, but are nonetheless punished and make up the prison population. What is the point of reason if justice makes an illogical decision? Is justice a front for political representation of the ruling class?

Responsibility has to be an urgent priority in our modern world. It is a fundamental discipline just as English, Science and Maths in Education. It is a duty to be accountable for the consequences of one's action.

It is having an idea of negative consequences and has the freedom to choose a different cause of action. But this mode of thinking is subdued by the influence of illness, drugs and medication. I am claiming in here that if the seed of Responsibility is planted in the mind at a younger age, it should be an anchor in testing times of need later in life.

Responsibility acquires a sense of self-worth, accountability, feel belong and self-esteem. There is one other thing, it doesn't matter if no one sees or acknowledges your good deeds. You are the better for it. How can you be trusted with great responsibility if you cannot be trusted when no one is looking?

I know the macho thing in front of peers is to act tough may be to avoid a beating. But I tell you, if your good deeds don't attract adversary, then they may not be good at all. You'll have a few enemies but you have more friends and admirers that you don't know yet.

Why would individuals choose organised crime knowing the consequences? Is it because political parties punish them no matter how innocent they are?

For social issues, when the individual has a bit of a problem the community shares the same as the issue becomes in part a state responsibility. From the right wing perspective, just lock them up sick or addict innocent or not!

And the essential issue of Responsibility becomes a political football. Individual Responsibilities are magnified and personalised by the media among opposition politicians have heightened the issue a political one.

And the essential elements of Responsibility loses its authenticity. All of a sudden individuals choose sides where the resolution either favours a right or a left vote. And so it seems the resolution for social issues is determined by the perceived benefits to either the right or left wing of the spectrum.

At the same time, we know the history of social resolutions; the right wing always favours the business sector; the left wing often requires imminent government interventions usually control a social crisis. The social organisation needs to elevate. And that is because of years of neglect and should the issue be determined by political votes, it may stagnate for years as changing governments do not have enough time for development to establish!

Having said the above, the previous government had denounced its social responsibilities. It ruled for a decade but instead of social obligation to make good of the consequences of economic development, it neglected the problem. And three years is not enough to repair a decade's accumulation of social consequences.

So here it is, there are two fundamental factors to stagnation; one is Responsibility and two is Education. But lets start with Freedom.

Freedom is Responsibility and Responsibility is a duty to be accountable. We have an idea of a responsible individual moving towards citizenship.

Further in our modern world, one has the freedom to do whatever, but no accountability attached. That is why in our modern world, Responsibility has to be taught at home and at schools. I know religious education addresses Responsibility where public schools for both teachers and students expect the government to provide everything including lunch.

School lunches, suicide, addiction and abuse are all social consequences of the organisation of the means of survival. It traces back to distribution of wealth and in turn to skills and education.

Why do some students receive better grades than others but if you were taught responsibilities at a young age, you'd probably wont be on the wide road of destruction. We also know stuff happen and people resort to all sorts in order to survive. So when intuition kicks in, there is a wealth of resources in the subconscious mind.

And the old argument questions ethnicity, gender and genes, but one thing is for sure, there is no one measure for all difference.

Diversity is not to be perfect in everything, but everyone has a skill he/she accelerates in. The system therefore has to be flexible to accommodate difference.

We have some idea of what the individual is about. Before today, the unit of production is usually a subjective entity, swayed by the desires of his/her addiction be it politics or drugs.

However, considering the urgent demand on social issues, the individual has to wake up. That means he/she has a duty to be responsible to his/her community. But can you imagine an addict to suddenly quit his/her desires and become responsible? Yes, if Responsibility was taught at school it is stored in the sub-conscience; the anchor of stability in time of need.

That is where Education comes in. If you look at our public education system, they depend on the government for everything including lunch. And that is why I'm recommending private and religious education. I know they teach Responsibility to become future leaders in environmental demands and social issues. Individuals become citizens and recognise their duties not only to themselves and families but also to society.