Pollution of the environment is a major factor that leads to such diseases as stroke, heart disease, lung cancer, pulmonary diseases and respiratory infection that estimates around 7 million deaths a year. That's the whole population of New Zealand wiped out along with nearby islands

Shall we therefore prohibit rich people from voting because they make more rubbish and thus pollute our world more? Well, the rich people mainly vote to promote policies and funding of businesses that escalate environmental pollution. And their lifestyle is placed over and above the 7 million deaths each year!

That is why its not only perfectly logical but also humane to legislate towards environmental protection than placing the ambulance at the bottom of the hill.

You see, it centres on the word 'right'. Prisoners are prohibited from exercising their right to vote as a punishment more than a common solution such as economic and or educational factors. But voting is clearly an unrelated political crack on the assumption that most prisoners if they vote don't vote for National or Act or NZFirst; the penal institution of NZ. It is a discriminative piece of work at best should have never passed to remind us of a willy-nilly nature of majority governments to walk all over our rights.

The consequences of 7 million deaths is more than any other causes including crime to justify prohibition of the rich vote. Economic and Cultural rights are all inclusive of Democratic right, the right to vote.

The right to education; to a home; to food; to healthcare and justice is the right not to be disadvantaged by deprivation of all those rights.

Underlining social aspirations in times of social need is the freedom of thought and expression.

Every human has his/her moments in private thoughts during times of isolation or in grief and sorrow. It is a natural process to dwell in thoughts; the initial ways planning for personal change and recovery.

This internal and intimate process is expressed through words whether written; drawn; spoken; signed; chant or sung and acted upon. It is inherent of humanity an integral potion of being.

To deny this inherent right from humanity is dehumanising, the lowering of human standards below the level of animals.

So, the so-called nice and rich people of society sentence poor criminals to dehumanise them by denying the use of their minds and thoughts to express and communicate their feelings and emotions to their whanau and loved ones, but also in defence of themselves.

It is an integral potion of human to be aware of living a conscious existence of being; the connection of of his/her mind, body and soul. It is the most real of his/her existence connecting his/her being to his/her environment.

This is the fundamental basis for social changes. The mind and modification of ideas for the better is an internal process. The individual's journey has arrived at a physical space to gather his/her thoughts and feelings. The meeting of the mind, body and soul is an input of ideas, feelings and emotions.

We facilitate this meeting by setting the agenda. What do you think the outcome is if the agenda is forced or prohibition that results with a dehumanising standard?

The one thing we know is that human needs to express his/her thoughts, feelings and emotions. The subcategory is attempting to facilitate the agenda by encouraging conscious awareness of the likely outcome.

There's obviously overwhelming feelings and emotions of anger that is likely to make the person aggressive. To be conscious of the environment and responsibility may influence the individual to change his/her mind hence, modification. It is a bottom up approach.

The top down one is to educate the individual about ideas that would inspire him/her to change. Such as striving to achieve the requirements for a job and so on.

In our political socialisation, individuals are indoctrinated by forcing ideas in their minds that are not ideal for their personal growth, but good for the politician.

However, it is when individuals are prohibited from expression of their thoughts, feelings and emotions that they are repressed. And we know that repressive feelings and emotions sometimes surface in a force.

While social right may describe integral behaviour, it remains subjective and for the best part doesn't justify anti-social or deviate behaviour. Instead, Social Right is not only naturally objective, but also a beautiful concept that is dynamic in transformation of internal ideas and inspirations to real social outcomes. The distinguished element is always towards positive outcomes or stable changes for the better. It is Natural elevation of humanity to its original form, the holistic being of mind, body and spirit.

In here I am claiming social right an objective concept for the better and not a populous or majority based decision. It is in the latter that objective concepts are reversed to counter their objective purpose. If so, then social right is rendered invalid and useless.

At this point in time, Social Right is an action word for stability and improvement of life. And if I may add that it is the state where beauty of being is recognised. Who knows, the Pacific may return to its former Paradise status.

Such that the right to education may still be the individuals choice although the environment may be predominantly influenced by rich voters or opportunistic politicians among autocratic ones who not only dehumanise our humanity but also repress innocents.