SOCIAL ROLE 29/12/19

It is generally said that the business private sector is the catalyst for social change. A community in a society that not only serves a social role of maintaining development towards humanity but also in respects of sustainable development.

If so then the private sector is a responsible institution of society not only for the consequences of material developments as in Homeless, Poverty, disease and famine, but also in terms of Climate Change and environmental pollution.

But are these corporate entities merely taking advantage of its role to reinforce consumer behaviour in the maintenance of a consumer market while shunning its social consequences?

Changes in modern societies follow that the richer individuals become, the greater Poverty is in their society. And Poverty is no longer limited to the sick and unemployed when qualified workers are queueing up for food parcels in an attempt to make ends meet.

A familiar sight of this phenomenon is when work qualified individuals and their families are stuck in Poverty during periods of low unemployment and economic boom times. Low unemployment doesn't translate into more jobs instead it simply means more economic benefit for the few.

While it suggests there is no safety net, a more significant aspect is the lack of a social role for employers and the business sector. This confirms the fact that a country's GDP is only significant to business owners and their corporate partners.

It's a volatile environment when individuals could lose their jobs for any number of reasons; cannot afford to pay the rent and end up on the streets. And on the streets are ex qualified workers among ex-service persons who simply cannot afford to pay the rent.

So if the government cannot regulate housing to address homelessness, then there is a sinister reason behind the lack of development that is kept from the public. It is the reason behind the fate of Kiwibuild. We know the people behind these decisions are typical of the business private sector shunning its responsibility along with its so-called social role.

Society now needs to protect its citizens from harsh changes of material developments. This material development is about to rear its abstract phase in AI.

The belief in AI have counsellors among doctors and therapists followed economists in analysing human behaviour according to the abstract logic of AI. This material logic follows the method of reduction of the material.

When for example 'Happiness' is achieved by satisfying a desire where desire is a sweet fix. Now all one has to do is to buy an ice cream and his/her desire is fixed therefore happiness. Happiness, Desire, and Fix are all in the material realm. At the same time, the method cannot analyse what happens after Happiness because it is not in the material realm.

And AI logic not only strips another part of the brain but also serves a linear production of material needs to satisfy a human desire therefore Happiness.

According to AI, as long as partners in a relationship have plenty of ice cream, everything would be hunky dory. And modern relationships are establish to become material economic consumers. It expects that couples who buy a lot of material things are happiest.

We know in reality according to the above suggests the happiest people are susceptible to malnutrition which is not an element of Happiness.

At the same time, trying to implement health, mental stimulation and wellbeing into Happiness will not compute under AI logic. While this implicit assumption of health and wellbeing is implied, it cannot be the opposite of the direct outcome of malnutrition at the same time. And clearly the logic of AI for human is flawed.

In the modern, AI is a business tool for reinforcing consumer material behaviour. And this maintains our society a consumer market.

You can try diversifying the elements but align with their objective potentials. And again, the linear logic cannot distinguish between opposing elements.

You see, the private or business sector; its business and material production are all following the AI logic. And the AI logic has no room for a social role. It has taken over that part of the brain to be responsible. And there is no social role for businesses and their sector in our society therefore not responsible.

I have referred to The Bridge of Transcendence where the material is transcended into being under Objective Logic. Objective Logic transforms the material element to a higher purpose. For example, ice cream, desire, happiness, and what is the purpose of happiness? We could say Happiness is 'content', 'peace' and 'conscious of health and wellbeing'. And for that, Happiness is now serving a social role.

The business social role authenticates the private sector to be a responsible institution of society. For without which, the private sector is just another foreign entity taking advantage of society. That is why society needs a social democratic organisation to legally protect its citizens from exploitation and alienation.

Let me try this on relationship. When two people, usually of the opposite sex are attracted to each other, they desire sex. Everything they see is through apple tinted glasses of Eden and sex is Happiness. You see, the vision of the apple, the desire and sex are all material. For AI logic, Happiness is all the rage.

Because that part of the brain is stripped and replaced by AI logic and the binding value of relationship is sex. No Happiness, no relationship. Either that or society consists of a proportional number of single parents and unwanted children all too familiar to women.

Objective logic makes you conscious of the consequences such as healthy sex, pregnancies and disease that is inherent of social responsibility.

What is the future of business without a social role separate business from society in volatile conditions for economic environment!