In the general maintenance of the economy, social relations are generated to effect ideal changes to strengthen its structure. But what happens if generated social relations miss the mark resulting with the development of a deviated phenomenon?

The story of the Titanic serves a perfect reminder of institutional behaviour we are familiar with as we tread into turbulent waters. But it highlights the integral issues of the social structure of Capitalism. And this momentous awareness of seasons and time is well documented by ancient masters among modernists.

The signs of the times is even recorded in the Bible and once was true to a time pass is considered myth in the modern. To this I have drawn paralleled scenarios around social phenomenon and I believe it's time we take a risk on an objective approach to help ourselves.

I have predicted in the early days of Sir John Key's reign that suicide was going to increase. I was right but anyone who is able to read the times could say the same thing, May be not if one is a beneficiary of the capitalist system in place. That is why we the underdogs have to risk it for better changes.

I felt a slight relief when Labour came in with social policies attempting to bridge the social gap between the rich and poor, but while it is meeting its social targets, there is a super phenomenon force targeting the subconscious mind. BTW, it doesn't worry me if the rich are filthy rich, but it does when doing so threatens the survival of others. It justifies challenges to the system on behalf of the poor and homeless and their human rights.

The Dark Force is as deviated development targeting our vulnerable. For the young, this phenomenal force is overwhelming. I have distinguished forces of developments between objective and subjective: the former achieves objective goals but also leaving positive or neutral consequences; the latter may achieve positive goals but leaving behind negative consequences. And the major failings of the previous government is social responsibilities.

To foster a generation under the subjective model is the same as teaching them to accept unethical, unprofessional, or fraudulent behaviour. And that means crime is part of the system in place and while so, only the poor sector is accumulating the prison population.

The last decade of Linear Economy or Money Abstract Economy also referred to by me as Pure Capitalism is when economic social relations became impersonal and somewhat racial. Thinning is the replacement of social and human values by material aspects. It is racial because a specific ethnic group benefits more than others. The Linear Economy In the last ten years or so was mainly conducted only for the benefit of the business private sector. And this is the main opposition to the poor.

However, racism was not so prevalent because it was concealed by technological jargon. Pure Capitalism therefore not only impersonalised relations but also tecnologicalised language. And while terms of communications somewhat dull its racial impact, we were restricted to technical jargon.

That technological development didn't seem to improve our lot but, the private sector somewhat got richer. This time, we have real serious worries about the near future. The effects of Climate Change towards the narrow end of Capitalism require extraordinary leadership.

The young minds have struggled under harsh conditions and the rise of suicide in the last ten years is in part due to the generation of dark relations of the economy and in part to the individual's mentality.

The economic mode in place is Linear and the generation of its social relations sends a phenomenal program that is clearly received by a subconscious mind. And the individual's frame of mind in the right time and place can clearly decode this phenomenal program.

The harsh relations of an abstract economy under right conditions is clearly targeting a sector of society. If you turned into and listened or watched private Radio and TV stations for a while, you would soon hear the message. And for some commentators, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to decode what he/she is imposing.

I have referred to the same media propaganda as dark relations of the economy.

Now under the conditions of Climate Change and dark economic relations, the phenomenon becomes denser and darker.

The social relations of the economy is one phenomenon, the mode of the economy is another. Under Labour, the Socialism mode is lenient towards humanity, but the social relations is generated by the opposition. And this explains the role of the private media to concentrate impositions upon the targeted sector. The targeted sector is not referring to the Underclass or the poor and homeless although it overlaps in many areas, but rather to a group of people with ideal circumstances that is vulnerable to the phenomenal program.

New Zealand is a private business paradise because of its ability to maintain a low wage economy. To keep the workers among the population controlled, targeted and dark relations are harsh and aggressive that those who attempt to stand up for their rights are shot down; they become afraid to stand up again opt to work for peanuts and under dismal working conditions. And at the same time, low wage workers are imported to back up low wage economy.

We have heard of work accidents among workers who don't get paid in our first world country. But the exercise is accumulating a lot of anxious people with mental health problems who don't know what to do with it. Some folks are nursing old age ailments at work for they have no other choice. Along with the young they make up the ideal group hosting the dark force phenomenon.

Is it any wonder the rise of suicide and growing population of mental illness is an incident of dark relations of the economy?

The dark force phenomenon presents itself on a social environment to quantify the effects and impact upon a group of people. The ideal group of people have personal circumstances fitting for the dark force to strike. And the impact of Climate Change and opposing relations of the economy is an urgent warning to improve the standards of the targeted group sooner.

There is a natural way of dealing with the dark force and that is simply illumination through education and support. There is more productive and fair way of distributing economic benefits for all but because it is deployed to offset a structural hierarchy, the Dark Force remains a super phenomenon.