On a hot summer's day, a child fell into the water. Her mother in a red garment can't swim and the next person in a blue coat would not rescue the child unless he makes a profit. The mother on her knees pegging him, but without a profit he would let the child drown. The mother cannot swim so if she jumps in to save her child, they would both drown.

On a cold winter's night in the middle of the housing crisis, a child died in a damp house. Her mother couldn't afford to heat the house up and buy warm clothes.

Fossil Fuel burning heats up the air and sea resulting with melting ice and rising sea level. The weight of the water current on tectonic plates is a static force. When the Pacific plate moves, the Ring of Fire shakes and housing along with plantations in the Pacific are uprooted.

Countries around the Ring of Fire affected by earthquakes including Japan, Chile, Mexico and the Pacific could make a claim against oil corporations on international provisions. Similar actions may have already followed up by low lying islands.

We have tried over the years to convince capitalists to reduce fossil fuel emission in order to save our world and the future for our children, but if they wouldn't move an inch to save one little child from drowning, what makes you think they would save the world?

Capitalism is truly in the blood; addicts have become clones of the material system. If a smoker would kill for a fix, what makes anyone thinks a capitalist would let go of fossil fuel without a fight?

Meantime, Environmental Science suggested reducing CO2 and the carbon foot print no longer cuts it. To cool the planet in a sustainable condition, CO2 needs to be removed from the environment. And they have estimated about a $Trillion a year cost is required to attempt at removing CO2 from the environment. But this according to our GDP outcome is simply unaffordable.

And this is the real problem we are confronted with. Modern developments, especially energy transition cannot progress anywhere far. Capitalists would commit to a killing to the last oil drop.

Capitalist's strategy is to raise the price of fossil fuel in order to deter consumers but really making a big profit. If capitalists don't make a profit, they won't give up on fossil fuel burning.

At the same time alternatives such as electric vehicles also want a full price for their vehicles. And soon enough, everybody wants a piece of the action; buses and taxis have also raised their fares; why not throw a Lime Scooter in the works?

Instead of uniting for survival, Climate Change has polarised the spectrum. Blue Coats are represented by right wing politicians, economists, corporate lawyers, financiers, businesses and landlords. The Red Garments are represented by left wing politicians, unions, labour made up of workers and their families among consumers, the sick and unemployed. While they debate and argue the political terms of Climate Change, the children are drowning in a carbon sewage.

Take a closer look! Capitalists is the old dinosaur in the house but the emerging paradigm is the modern. The capitalism system is a linear material appropriated for profit. I have given it the term Linear Materialism because it is restricted only to the material and for the profit of the one sector of society, the private sector.

However, the emerging paradigm is the young diverse generation; seeks to address Equality, Climate Change, social developments and wellbeing.

Clearly, the linear materialism and the modern paradigm are incompatible. Old dinosaurs would not save the children, let alone the world.

While the blue coat and the red garment were engaged in debating the terms of reference, two young people saw the child in the carbon sewage jumped without hesitation to save her.

You see, the old capitalists among economists and financiers do not understand the modern language of diversity and equality. It is why an alternative from the linear economy is best operated by the young generation for they have grown up with the consequences imposed by the old system.

And the dynamic follows that while oil is weaned out under the old system, alternatives are put in place by the new. It won't work under the same system; its incompatible.

So if the price of oil is raised by capitalists, alternatives would be priced under a different value system. And these are the binding values consumers among citizens are more than likely to keep for the environment, for diversity and equality and for wellbeing. Electric vehicles including buses and taxis come under the new system.

Economic 'growth' is replaced by 'sustainable growth' and linear materialism becomes ecological or something more diverse.

For the moment, we have already witnessed extreme oppositions to proposed changes. Traditional opponents between capitalists and labour among consumers have locked in a struggle to mysteriously block either side's developments. I have given this phenomenon 'kiwibuster'.

Climate change is now a polarised issue for global struggle. When Red Garments attempts at social and economic developments, Blue Coats would mysteriously put a block to it. Like the energy transition, the mysterious blockage stagnates developments to a static state of affairs. This is a dangerous point in any organisation; it gives rise to unrest, conflict and war. At the same time, the population is caught in between without the basic needs for survival. And the children are drowning in a carbon sewage.