We are now a little more informed about our senses that they can either help us achieve objective tasks or drive us to to the point of destruction.

The sense perception locks an image of our desires or nightmares in front of us. Remember the saying 'beauty is in the eyes of the beholder'; well we are actually seeing what we desire in front of us as opposed to what is in front of us. And now we can also understand what Immanuel Kant refers to beauty in itself and not in our senses.

Recently I have claimed that beauty is transcending the subjective material into an objective being. That is an objective purpose of the material where our desires are quantified into productive outcomes. I think it helps us to produce productive and objective visions and perceptions rather than the subjective.

I think if we have to be more objective that we are less stressful.

I have also suggested a method of filtering the subjective material through a pure principle in the mind. That is the mode of determination the subjective to influence the outcome of behaviour.

We have these pulses of subjective desires that drives us on a spur, but the filter modifies the pulse to an objective to produce a positive and stable outcome. And the practice takes a while to become a habit to a custom before culture and character. The function clearly processes the subjective to objective action.

For a while now, we are told by scientists that machines can read our minds and our thoughts. This will eventually come whether by way of 5G or 6G. You can understand that machines or electronic wares communicate with one another like the fridge to the washing machine!

And they will obviously communicate with humans whether by reading your mind and thoughts through scans or by direct collection of data. Something like answering simple questions can expose parts of the brain to the machine. The machine then analyses and puts together and image of what we are thinking about.

My question is, does the machine actually read our thoughts, or our feelings and emotions then analyse them to produce what we are thinking about? In My Social Relations, the memory is considered unreliable for it cannot distinguish the real experience from the dream or sleep experience.

We are not very good at filtering our senses to objective ideas quantified by concrete action. But here's the machine doing this to find out about ourselves. The problem is, the machine might be using our memories to project an image of what we might be thinking. And we know some of the data in the memory are dreams and wishful thinking among fears and desires are not real.

We have already done that in perceiving our desires and nightmares in front of us that either made us traumatised or ecstatised in a subjective experience that is not the real us.

So it appears that the machine is merely providing more information to help us feed our addictions and fears and to restrict us to an unhealthy state of mind. After all, the machine is a means to promote profit for the corporation.

It may take another millennium before the machine comes closer to the real experience and realty. Meantime, it is a false account of our humanity when the machine continues to promote the linear material world. We are humans with mind body and soul, not body or material alone with subjective fears and desires.

Without the objective function, the plane of the linear material world is like an evil phenomenon as we have experienced in the sense perception. Could this be the mark of the beast!

The mode of determination can never be machine functional unless it understands the meaning and emotions of struggles and experiences like happiness; forgiveness; compassion etc. The objective mode is filtering the above principles not to achieve harm or destruction but to achieve stable and positive outcomes.

And there the machine doesn't have what it takes to have a heart and a spirit.

This is it. In our urgent time of environmental and Climate Change awareness, 5G and 6G demand rare materials that continue to require mining. The shining material is perceived as attractive and fast in terms of operation to add to its beauty. Irrespective of the cost, individuals are driven to its beauty and shinning appearance to satisfy their desires. And of course the demand means further mining of our precious earth.

The operation of 5G and 6G may ride on higher frequency waves that may increase the presence of electromagnetic pollution in our midst. While there is no obvious advantage from 4G and 3G for human, the unintended consequences is likely to outweigh any intended consequences apart from profits of the corporate capitalists.

At the same time, corporate capital profit means enduring consumer standards of maintaining addiction and mental illness the same time increasing mini ng and environmental pollution.

Does the white devil in high frequency waves leave corrupt material in the air or have an effect in our organic system as it travels among us?

We know science has helped us, but does it only sustain our existence for the purpose of consumerism. And there the meaning of life is nothing more than going to work, buy stuff, sleep and all over again.

The linear material development has transformed into an entity that controls our sense perception and restric our existence to subjectivism of addiction and mental illness. The Beast is here now!