Is feminism a socialist cult that feeds the psychic fixes of its followers by ritual sacrifice of men? While most of these rituals take place during the season of election campaigns, costs and compensations are funded for by the tax payer. A socialist industry benefits few private individuals providing social services but mainly the elite sector of society including lawyers, counsellors, and caregivers. A large number of funds have been paid to private consultants companies.

The social impact on society imposes broken relationships between families as many children lose relationships with their parents. At the same time, statistics on family violence and child abuse continue to climb.

A little while ago, right wing conservative is known for the promotion of pure capitalism referred to by me as linear for the development of material growth only to benefit the one sector; the private business sector. While the business sector advanced their wealth, the workers among consumers were left behind. Once more, the conservatives neglected the social consequences which helped maintains NZ's world rate of suicide.

This time, socialist populism with the help of material liberalism pick up from where National left off. Public wealth is redirected to prompt socialist projects to benefit material liberalism the same time workers among consumers are again left behind.

The socialist cult imposes psycho control of men while redirecting public wealth to its socialists industry. A socialist economy appropriates social behaviour as a consumer base for economic production. But in here, the only money transferred is tax payer funds. So to maintain the socialist economy is to prosecute more men for the sake of funds transfer; the economy.

In relation to Marxism, Socialism promotes material stimuli that leads to addiction, ailments, violence and crime. Socialist promotes social behaviour as base for social services. You see, the former (Socialism) promotes material developments that stimulate economic behaviour (ground up development); the latter (socialist) is generating social behaviour a base for socialist services (top down development). Such services have already dealt with violence and crime, mental illness and have redirected tax payer funds to social services.

It is a dark economy because it is based on social relations generating psycho behaviour that appropriates economic behaviour. For what it seems, the more sick a society becomes the more growth is established of a booming socialist industry.

Conservatives established material development, but material liberalism is the continued development of social materialism over moral and social values. This particular development is reserved as a speciality for feminism, in generating dark relations of the economy.

The promotion of subjective materialism over objective socialism would continue to feed into mental illness and has been proven by the fact that violence and suicide rates remain at the top of the world.

RNZ is a publicly funded station, but recently has restructured its resources to specialise in the delivery of feminist projects. It surely means there's a feminist arm of the government having private dealings with a lobby group but without public consultation. This is significant because an unelected private lobby group has major influence on social policies. In fact, social and economic policies are largely branded by feminism ideology.

So, if you look at the big picture of the last five years, the only major change is the gender of power transfer from the husbands to the wives. Everything else is business as usual; we are still homeless just as our kids are walking to school without shoes.

Someone has said that women's issues are not unique to religion when wide spread to all other cultures and nationalities. But feminism frames a top down approach upon religious influence. In so doing both feminism and religion share a similar style of psycho propaganda for ultimate control. And the psychosocial relations this socialist organisation is dark!

The only chance for Labour to enlightened its path is to distance itself from feminism, but I guess its too late. Labour has already committed a feminist arm.

So how can an organisation which has no moral basis claim to establish a moral victory when in the face of social consequences nothing has changed? The only people who have claimed some pay increased are recipients of tax payer funds but at the consequences of increased in the cost of living for everyone else.

Labour's resolution to universal issues requires a collaborative approach among like nations, but confronted by harsh oppositions from the likes of tribal Brexit and Trumps of the West. However, in the name of National Security, the world has to ride extreme weather conditions in order to maintain the status quo. That's why petrol price has to stay up for a little while during a period of energy transition. The Aliens won't help us even if the air is too thick for human inhalation.

What else can unite the psyche of the nation to stabilise a social organisation is unlikely to be sports or equality and diversity as both bridges are now burned to the ground. And that leaves environmental social changes requiring a revolution.

You see, when the dark is developed in the subjective world, the outcome emerges stress, depression, violence and crime. These are nurtured in the subjective realm of neglect.

I have claimed that Socialism proper cannot be objectively productive under a capitalist operator. At the same time, it is failing under a socialist operator. That is why organisation needs a solid rock of social stability. But in a world of absolute power fanatics, we can only hope for some extraordinary interventions.

Feminism holds that in the absence of religion, psycho-social can develop a socialist economy. But how can you develop a productive economy by simply transferring taxpayer funds to subdue the population is stupid.

Cortez is the best model of Socialist Feminism that can stabilise economic organisation.