I was walking past a Jasmine plant at work and I was feeling freshened by the scent of its flowers. I stopped to take in the moment and thought about children symbolised by white tiny flowers. The physical presence of the moment is now a sweet scent associated with innocence and purity. It's certainly a transcending breeze, no stress.

I can't remember what I thought before I breathed in the Jasmine scent, but I definitely walked away feeling energised and free.

Whether you like it or not, my sense of smell serves me right at this point. Usually, when I smell perfumes and deodorants, I start to sneeze and cough. I am aware of certain folks who wear certain perfumes and body deodorants they just make me sneeze and cough. And I don't dislike them or anything, I just can't put up conversation in between sneezes and coughs.

The question is, do you have to wear Jasmine in order to have a peaceful transcending day while staying away from nice smelling people? Simple answer is no. All I have to do is to train or filter and purify my sense of smell. It is a scent in itself, and not associated with the people who wear them. If I depend on a scent to make me feel peaceful then I am not free.

Now I can make a list of all my feelings and thoughts that are influenced because of what people present that affects me in some way; their vision, sound, touch, feel and not so much of taste but judgement. You might be amazed at how much decisions are influenced by our senses.

You see, our desires have been developed for us. And all these traditional senses have been compromised and corroded by our own desires which were the desires of those who helped us. You see, babies are given sweet flavoured pacifiers to stop them from crying but actually developing a sense of taste for that flavour. And you know what, the baby would associate the vision, sound, touch and gender of the person who always give them the flavoured pacifier.

Remember the bell effect? When baby hears mum, cries turn to laughter!

And this is the second part of development. Your ultimate desire is triggered by the vision, sound, touch and gender of mum. Of course the bond is already established and mum now wants to collect on her investment. She would expect baby now child and young person to be on mum's side and do anything for her. If the child is difficult, all mum has to do is mention the desire development and the child instantly follows.

This is the point of a serious social issue. When the bond between parents and the young person is cut, the child loses it altogether. This is the biggest problem with children brought up by the state and economic developments. There has to be a different way of bringing up children that are not dependent on desire.

Meantime in society, we have dictators among bullies who do exactly the same demands but instead of pulling the bond desire they use stand-over tactics and impose punishment. So in fear of the bully, children among young people follow bullies. In the same way, children among young people are emotionally attached to their favourite parent who is usually mum because of fear that the bond is cut from their parent.

This is now the psycho social relations of a dark economy.

I am not very honest with myself in the presence of many people. But the few I have met are cool from the moment of meeting to the moment of leaving. There are no hidden agendas or pacifiers; it is freedom. The Jasmine essence is itself; the triggers and symbols are aspects. So if Jasmine is the principle; pure and innocent transcends beauty. And that has nothing to do with Love as we know it!

Parent don't have to develop material desires as the media and political leaders compete in rewarding desires especially in the younger years.

If I have my feelings and senses filtered not by material desires but by transcending principles, I would probably be blind to the truth. This is because I wouldn't know anything else. Senses are filtered and what's right is the only way.

The economy has developed our senses with the help of dominant ideologies in dictating the terms of social issues. And we are conditioned, emotionally tied and bullied to be part of something that doesn't suit our nature.

In a transcending way, my feelings and emotions may influence me to take one direction but pure principles would keep me on the right path. Like the Jasmine effect, the scent is essence of own purity. It is how the scent aspires us to do. If Jasmine was a principle, I would be aspire to be true and honest not according to aspects and symbols but to the truth. And this truth is closer to ourselves than would to others.

I know people have lost jobs, families and friends because they were honest with themselves against bullies and favouritism. But if all else are true, then they are living a transcending life.