What warrants an issue worthy of political consideration demands status and marketable aspects. Status refers to a condition where a representative is immune from liable controversies and blemish where marketable is potential appeal to a populous audience. Does it hint at a chance of creating possible controversy for a political gain is not new for popular ops are endless in our social world.p

Such that popular issues have launched political careers of those who have made such issues their calling. And some of the popular issues are shared beyond party lines with the tendency to unite incompatible ends. A Christian feminist has inside information to influence religion, and the principle is corrupt as religion is once again used for political propaganda.

Western women issues have united feminism and religion of the West, a very odd couple. But in so doing, the media among preachers bombard us with personal controversies, the same time our perspectives are moulded through political struggles. But in spite of our subjugation to political propaganda, I believe deep down we are still aware of what's right from wrong.

This claim is somewhat discarded as the words right and wrong or conscience are immediate reminders of religion and God. You see, most religions today dwell in the head as God expects to rescue us from evil. Therefore we don't have to DO a thing. Among those who tirelessly tell us what to do, are also those who do it to mislead us. Has God and the Devil made a deal on our behalf

Thus the blame is for God for not saving us and the devil for misleading. Meantime, we continue to be stagnated and unreliable. In our static state of dependency, we are suffocating and drowning in the war of misinformation.

We know that some are only conscious of things related to themselves while others don't have that ability. For the rest of us we are now bound by religious and political control. But fear has invalidated any claim to social issues of concern as the pure principle of freedom is corrupt.

Deep beyond the reach of religious and political propaganda is the debt of emotional experience that we share in reality. It's not in our heads or independent of us, but rather deep down we feel there is something wrong. In the absence of political and religious propaganda, this emotional reality is the category for deciding priorities.

What then are the qualities demanding attention to social issues for urgent consideration in our social world today is not in our heads or external but in our hearts?

In a normal day after the storm, a family not only have lost a home, but have found they couldn't plant anything on dry ground where the top soil is washed away. We know the effects of Climate Change had heated up not only the sea and air but also the soil. Add this to the depleted rate of resources and millions of innocent lives, the media still doesn't make climate change and environmental pollution a priority issue. Politics and religion instead have prioritised Western women's issues.

So If we consider the emotions of our struggle, most of environmental pollution is caused by rich and powerful nations. Rich and powerful nations have more resources to present their interest while disputing their responsibilities. And they can mould religion to their advantage prioritising issues of their luxurious lifestyles over the suffering of millions of innocent lives.

You see, the propaganda promotes the issue to be marketable with controversy but to draw a popular audience. And feminists among preachers become heroes.

Innocent Refugees

The young innocent women are oblivious of political and religious struggles that determined their fate. At the same time, the rich and powerful nations have placed women's issues at the top where resources are directed. We are bombarded with women's issues every day and yet nothing is mentioned of those innocent souls.

The top three priorities follow: first; Climate Change and Environment Pollution concern millions of innocent lives. The victims including families are suffering the consequences of other people's lifestyles. Second; Refugees is related to the list of victims of Climate Change and Environment Pollution, but also those whose homes are decimated and displaced because of war and economic struggles that are not of their own doing. And third; Poverty of children and their families is also related to the above.

The top three is selected from their unique dynamics that sufferers are innocent and are not related to their perpetrators. They are not represented by a political party or religion. Having everything taken away from them, they are totally depended upon others for survival.

Religion and the General Media are powerful influences of popular opinions that have prioritised issues of debate, but none of the demanding issues of innocent live has made the top three.

While the top three priorities concern innocent lives including women and children, they are clearly not rich and not from Western nations.

The information war targets marketable status and popular propaganda, but the media and religious spin means we are bombarded with misinformation. And as a result, the economic rate for a whole sector is downgraded. And for as long as we are swayed by the bombardment, we are static in dependency.

That is why we have to come out of our heads to do the works of faith in reality. Walk among the victims enduring mass suffering from the hands of the rich and powerful. The universal appeal is a natural target for conscious binding, but I guess we live in fear of retaliation.