Following from Krap Tech is Krap Science liken to having a Driver's License without a practical test.

We agree that 1 + 1 = 2. Now they ask what adds to 1 = 2? They ask you something that cannot be 1 (one) which makes it impossible to equal to 2.

And they have given hundreds of these examples in letters and replies not only from corporations but also from government departments.

It is nothing more than a literal form of harassment and bully designed to confuse and deceive the customer. They bombard you the customer with these subjective claims to resolve a complaint; they have already assumed you as naïve.

BTW, Krap is my euphemism for crap where shite is for you know what. It cannot be mistaken for syntax because these claims are well thought out craft for purpose.

Having said that, I admit I also fall into grammatical errors and spelling mistakes but I can explain.

I don't know what the condition is called when you are under the spell of passion or perception. I get so passionate about a literal piece that I read what's not written but what's perceived. That is when writing under a spell of passion, the literal form doesn't always flow in valid structures but as emotionally uttered. It is an art, but then the readers may be left confused.

However, they are left with something to wonder about. You don't expect public servants and corporate customer services to send you artistic pieces when trying to scam you a deal.

Government departments sometimes send pdf form letters in an email. Not only the print is too small but also blurry. Add that presentation to the content and you are already frustrated; the mood that will motivate your reply.

So when you read a long literal and subjective krap letter you are likely to be under a spell and that is when you would begin to read what's not there.

One government department namely MSD does this a lot. The psycho abuse is loud and bold. I know IRD had driven some customers crazy with literal abuse. But who in their right minds would under the pretence of innocence send such psycho letters to beneficiaries and tax payers?

The regime is a global phenomenon influenced by Technology. Those who resist are coerced and excluded.

I know some school teachers used to send such krap pieces in their arguments. They knew I will analyse the piece before replying so they made sure the theme and structure don't equal to its intended outcome. It is a form of punishment designed to confuse, bully and harassed.

While I knew I was been confused and harassed, I somewhat love analysing complex things. And I would dissect, restructure and validate their kraps for the fun of it. The last thing those psychos will admit is being wrong. What happens to the student who doesn't get credit for his/her work is the limitation of education and the beginning of politics.

Like opposition politicians, they will always turn something right, innocent, honourable and beauty into a wrong and shame.

So I don't take politicians seriously as I try very hard not to have anything to do with government agencies. As for business corporations, I would rather shop from opportunity shops and second hand dealers. It is certainly avoiding the extra packages. With the right mood, second hand shopping is like new.

Ok, so why would public servants and business relations among schoolteachers use psycho abuse to deal with customers and clients? Preachers do it all the time but at the same ti me society is ever progressing towards linear materialism.

Is technology allowing easy forms of literal abuse on customers and clients to suggest a frustrated stage of economic social relations? Syntax suggests structure while science adheres to logic, But in the modern, the reality is passion materialised by perceptions. Mix the two and we are confused and feel bused.

It is reported elsewhere that learning is generally downgraded. While it's not readily obvious, I have claimed earlier that we wouldn't know anything we haven't learned before. The trouble is, yes we have learned heaps of Maths, English and Logic. However, here in the modern we are interacting in Krap Science as if we didn't learn anything. You see, 1+?=2; that part of the equation is missing.

Here it is; it is not missing from paper but rather in our brains as the visual is under the spell of passionate perception. Virtual reality is the norm in the modern.

My earlier claim under 'Thinning' is where that portion of the brain is faded into obscurity. That means the overuse of virtual reality and in turn, sense perception have faded that portion of the brain engaged in logical reasoning.

Well, the krappy presentation and subjective contents heighten the instincts for perception to take over reality. So we may be seeing what's there but not registering with the mind.

And public servants among corporate businesses are subtly imposing this socialisation upon us without consent. That has made the nature of social organisation somewhat undemocratic.

Social control and economic organisation have somewhat restricted our awareness to perception. We have descended another stage of the spiral. While it is expected, it has left that logical portion of the brain behind. The perception is now leading the material body.

Now in order to reclaim our humanity, we only have to elevate the perception and intuition from instincts.