BLACK HOLE 04/06/19

If aliens have landed, then they are firmly planted in the human gene. The alien DNA has emerged and overwhelmed the heart and mind of social being. The once was human is now cloned and transformed a linear material entity. I have referred to this linear material development a virus.

Totally devoid of human values of social being as we are familiar with, it sets out to reduce anything humanly beautiful to an object of malice. But malevolence may not be intentional as the linear material alien has no sense of social values or morality. It doesn't have what it takes to feel with or for anyone else other than itself.

In terms that we are familiar with, Neoliberalism was an idea that favours the market determination of life. When the economy is growing, people help themselves and poor folks are able to meet their social needs. At least that was the general idea.

However as it turned out, our real life experience in the last decade or so follows that when the economy was growing to superstar status, there was no trickle-down-effect. Instead, folks became homeless and living in cars as the rich few accumulated wealth for themselves.

And this is important in the modern. The growing generation who endured hardship as children of the Freemarket are now in a position to bridge the social gap created by clones.

Right Wing Conservative

Anyone in the modern would agree the so-called Neoliberalism idea had failed humanity and had polarised society into rigid layers of commercial status. Favoured among tribal traditionalists, the ancient idea is revived purely on the basis of adverse relations typical to macho conservativism.

Now home conversant with Trump and Brexit, we have seen glimpses of it in response to the Wellbeing Budget.

The Budget addresses social issues neglected by years of market determination. For any independent observer, it is considered objective and directed where it's needed. But perhaps more could be done to reduce homelessness.

You know, to compliment the Wellbeing Budget in terms of the homeless, I would lock interests on mortgages for a while but raise the dollar value at the same time. The monetary difference favours foreign services such as Huawei. And the impact would appreciate local spending and tourist attraction.

Its possible the stimulus may be modified to favour the rich aa the federal bank is no longer ours.

However, in support of the private sector and its right wing camp, it seemed the private and so-called mainstream corporate media were all out in trivial pursue of the Wellbeing Budget. For example, the leader of the opposition had both his pre-budget media release and parliament speech publicised while the modern government was subdued under attack!

Also, media interviews were more intimidating than related to any intelligent substance to fall in-line with conservative macho attack on social objective developments. It's true that the system somewhat is anti-anything constructive and objective to being. What kind of education philosophy the opposition intent to deliver with this type of fundamental mal-practice is somewhat distorted.

Distortion! Well, between time and space and not where even light can escape, the ancient ideology on earth is typical of grandparents in the modern world. They hold on to ancient ideas that have proven incompatible with the modern.

The young generation paradigm is not a social development or intellectual learning. Like the DNA of alien clones, the young generation were born with the modern idea. They too are oblivious to ancient conservative traditions.

When you are in between legal representation of ideas and modern reality, but media representations have overkilled objective reality, the outcome is a distortion between time and place. And when everything is muddled up in the dark, it becomes a black hole.

So, during this time of the Black Hole season, we have the private sector; the media; farmers; teachers; doctors; nurses; gays and feminism jumping up that the government is not doing enough for them.

And we the normal people watch and wonder why these clones haven't done so when the previous government shut them out of existence!

That is the nature of the Black Hole. It is adversity, macho conservative, right wing terrorism, trivial pursue and intimidation. There is nothing objective to write home about.

Last time I looked, China was on top of the world in Education but I'm not sure how teacher's pay compared. One thing I know, socialism worked for the nation under the moral guidance of President Xi Jinping. Capitalism on the other hand exploits society for the benefit of the private individual.

How can you rally a national interest in social institutions such as Education if diversity is subject to right wing terrorist agenda?

While the war of the hearts and minds is an all-out assault for the right wing camp, the paradigm shift is proven a challenge. The gap between so-called conservative tradition and the modern is widening across diverse boundaries. And I'm not sure if conservative works for religion anymore other than conserving the right of the private individual to accumulate wealth and resources for him/herself as opposed to the community.

Is there a new world beyond the Black Hole is the mission of the government to explore where no one had visualised before. If anything can survive beyond the Black Hole, now is the time to find out.

A transformational new world of clean and green environment and where freedom is exercised in the absence of macho conservatism. Recently, the way schools are standing up for the environment is a good sign. But notice the only oppositions are right wing conservative camps, some of whom are non other than their very own parents and grandparents!