The eating of human flesh by other humans has made them cannibals. But the reasons behind the act may not be all un-appetising when you are not aware, and when you are not eating other people directly.

I first heard of the practice at school that some people respect their dead by eating them. Others didn't like the idea of separation so they eat their loved ones to ensure they are inseparable.

But also true in terms of survival where those who are less likely to survive among the weakest in a group become the meal. It's certainly true of the animal kingdom. In this linear plane, cannibalism as a system of maintaining the economy is possible.

What has this got to do with the struggle of the homeless not only against the elements but also subject to political and economic manipulations. And among the subjects are little children living in tents and cars during the cold of winter.

These children if they survive pick up ailments of the environment that affect them for the rest of their lives.

Now, in the same light, I want you if you can imagine the same struggle endured by innocent families and children who are displaced by war. They too become homeless if they survive and largely depended upon help from the UN and other human organisations.

I was in my previous article connecting homeless young children and their families directly to the demands of the market. Now in similar circumstances investment on weapons also appeal for good returns where children are not only caught in the firing line but are also subject of political targets.

We often hear of hospitals and schools bombed by enemies but the publicity is part of the war propaganda.


What has this got to do with cannibalism? Well, the revealing factor in the face of these market developments is the face of warmongers of the right wing tradition. War and invasion including arm manufacture are all economic developments.

It is where the most powerful in the world use the most weak among innocent children and their parents to make money for themselves.

At the same time, feminists are engaged on guilt driven impositions on the population for circumstantial abuse and yet the right wing politics is committing mass murder of the innocents without reprisal, all in the name of the economy.

They are not exactly dishing out dead bodies, but how does it feel to feed and clothe your family knowing the money used to buy those luxuries is investment returns from the blood of innocent children and their parents?

It's not exactly eating little children and their parents, but the right wing ideology stands on domination and would invade and go to war to maintain its lifestyle. We have witnessed this with the War of Iraq and the current stand on Global Warming. And it indicates that the right wing mongers would let earth destroyed along with humanity to maintain its lifestyle. As if the lifestyle would save them!

This material trend is entrenched in the right wing conservative ideology. It relates to the claim that a particular race is superior and hence the effort to maintain its hierarchical domination. And you see, they are so powerful they subject the weak to the demands of the market upon which they make their money. Now that money is used to buy food, clothes and their luxurious lifestyle.

Ok, they are still not eating the children and their parents. But if we could see beyond the layers of developments, progress is initiated by thinning moral and social values. When humans are stripped of their social and moral values, it clears the way for the linear material development to take hold. And the amoral system is free to reign - exploit and make money without opposition.

Fallen from the human plane, notice in this instant that we are not thinking unappetising thoughts about eating other people! Yes, because by now we too are thinned and no longer have that part of the heart and mind not to eat our loved ones.

So I guess from a linear perspective that it's totally normal to invest your money in housing and war in order to make a profit to feed and clothe your family. In the linear plane, we no longer see the little children and their parents strugglingagainst the elements because we no longer have what it takes to see beyond.

In our times of linear narrowness, housing and war are commodities that subject the poor and weak of society to market demands. While the poor and week among the little children are struggling against the elements, we are living comfortably in luxury. And yes, everything is ok.

So, the right wing and private sector thrive on economic growth at the same time, social human beings with a sense of moral consideration struggle to make ends meet. This dichotomy is clearly distinguished by ethical lines unfortunately; there are no rules in the linear jungle where the weak becomes the meal.

Without principles in our descended plane, investments on housing and war continue to rake in profit. But since you too no longer have what it takes, its no big deal whether you are eating little children or subjecting them to death against the elements.

Some would argue it's the same thing. You are buying your food from money made by killing little children.

I guess when we descend the plane of humanity to be among creatures, we also loose that part of humanity to be human.