SAME OLD MEN 24/06/19

From Neoliberalism to Free-marketing gave birth to market men. And from nowhere, they created a monetary abstract to become the basis of a linear economy. That's corporate investments and trading on monetary values. Financial managers and corporate CEOs became the rock stars of the corporate world.

I associated the term linear with the material separated from emotions and spirit. This refers to humans who have no consideration for others and no social conscience. Relative to the linear economy, developments are restricted to the material production feeding the desires of the body. Lacking dynamics, this linear existent is demonstrated on a narrow plane without substance.

I have referred to this linear development as unstable and caught in a cycle of deterioration. Some would say its not a real economy, others would argue its a bubble.

Shareholders share a common interest in making money. Without emotions and social conscience, linear market men set out to make money for the corporation.

Investments are made on material production to feed the linear system, as money itself has transformed its value more than its worth. Thus, money became the basis of a linear economy as market men became moneymen.

Now, knowing that CEOs and Managers show no emotions and no social conscience, it doesn't matter how money is made or the social consequences it imposes. As long as shareholders receive a return, the CEO and Managers get their bonus.

It was during the previous government's first year in office that suicide shot to record rates. And soon after, homelessness realised a housing crisis. Knowing that market or money men show no emotions or have a social conscience, they deny the housing crisis or other negative trends. The corporate shareholders are just as happy to receive their profit.

We live in a society, not in a corporation. We have among us the poor and low income workers who cannot afford investments. But we are imposed conditions of material production to maintain the linear system. And this linear system of the material unit by itself while booming to make money for the shareholders, it busts to impose social consequences on the poor.

Again, we are not a corporation, but the cycle of booms and busts marked the seasons of economic contractions for society. This cycle was hardly mentioned for the social consequences as the economy was for all of society, status men then had emotions responsible to make good of the consequences. Market men or money men don't!

And so boons and busts occur at the same time to stratify society. Shareholders enjoy rich returns of the boom season, at the same time the poor among workers and their families endure the pain of bust.

The change in seasons have social science redirect research to investigate poverty in the middle of a booming rock star economy.

A further look at the linear system, housing was a stable and long-term investment that was secured. But when market men took over, the secured investment imploded and detonated a global financial crisis. Market men received bonuses while folks lost their homes, their jobs and for some their families. Currently we are still enduring the housing crisis of the previous government.

Why did market men need to inflate the cost of rent and mortgages when the housing market was secure? Because corporate shareholders need their returns and market men their bonuses.

It tells us that being rich is not enough and for those who have everything still not enough. Is that a definition for Greed? If so then the price of greed has sent families with children to live in cars and tents on the street.

And now we can link so called linear monetary economies to the social consequences. For example, when the price of housing is super imposed it gives rise to extreme social consequences. But there is nothing wrong with the housing market on bar with wages where everyone has a fair chance to buy a house.

It is when the Greed factor and ideological men among tribalism that housing is manipulated to stratify society. Like market men, Ideological and Tribal fanatics have that ethno character exclusive to own ethnicity and culture. And housing is the fence between them and other ethnicities. But this didn't work because those who were imported to help with the linear economy took up housing with their kiwi wages, excluding norm kiwi folks.

It makes social sense that your new rich neighbour is a foreigner and probably owns the whole street. But since market or money and linear men have no emotions and no social conscience to realise the effect of their social consequences upon others, the denial is thick.

Market men are backed by traditions of the right wing spectrum who have now deployed corporate consultants to drain out equalising efforts. Kiwibuild never stood a chance against the leeches of the linear monetary market. Until state housing is built and might be better to use Chinese contractors and materials to ensure the job is done, the G factor shall sustain the inflated housing market. It will continue to maintain extreme social consequences.

Two seasons at one time is a modern phenomenon where booms and busts collide to separate society between housing and status. There is no need to superimpose extra costs of housing at the effect of social consequences when housing itself is a secure investment. When the social consequences borders on human rights that housing policy has to be illegal.

What's another market man is felt in the pain of old when new attempts to equalise irrespective of difference could provide opportunity for others to advance. I guess the G factor is a modern (E)vil word. It is time for the material economy to show a real holistic human face, not another abstract!