STATIC 06/06/19

This had described social forces giving rise to static economic progress. It is the stage where social consequences accumulate to disproportional levels. And this was facing immediate disruption to the state of the economy as development were redirected to correct the consequences. That was known as social obligation.

It was naturally expected that economic growth also had positive social outcomes among the most vulnerable of society.

Only a few days ago I reaffirmed that Neoliberalism has failed humanity big time. I can now say that it is worse than how it was. This time the Market is directly supported by demands on human struggles.

To struggle is to fight or brawl in order to free oneself from the restraints of brutal forces. Homeless is thus a fight of the body and mind against the elements. But the conditions sustain illness and diseases, a constant struggle for any parent to endure. Some of the children brought up in this environment have unfortunately either failed and die or scarred for life if survived.

Now investors among landlords and shareholders including some politicians would put citizens among the poor through violent struggles to create demands and gain attractive returns on their investments. While so doing, there is a massive conflict of interests but only to a conscious mind. But the policy in any case imposes violence upon the disadvantaged.

The housing market is totally depended upon demands and demands are stimulated by raising the cost of renting and housing prices. Landlords among shareholders and corporate investors are more powerful than the Min of Housing our democratically elected representative.

Should the minister build cheap housing for rent and ownership, the market would immediately downgrade. But to sustain housing inflation, investors including businesses would just make it difficult for the minister to achieve such social goals. And that means more homeless families and more children are subjected to violence.

So while there is a political stand-off, the poor and their children continue to endure the harsh conditions of the elements. And that include political elements which are now the source of violence in the environment.

Doesn't this make the political system a hypocrisy!

The same aspect can relate to transport. While cheap means of transporting goods and services are available on rails, the truck lobby would also fight the government to keep trucks on the road. Meantime, road travellers continue to endure dangers of road rage incidents involving trucks.

It is maintaining a lifestyle but also gaining a profit from investments on trucks and cost of transportation. Just wondering how many workers apart from own operators are employed in this so-called industry is again undemocratic to give in to the demands.

Meantime, the housing market escalates revenues down the line including financial managements, corporate lawyers, production and manufacturers. And you see, some of the folks living rough are employed in the housing market but further down the line that their take home pay cannot make ends meet.

At least HNZC used to be a state owned enterprise providing low maintenance homes for low income families. But as you know, the previous government privatised HNZC and gave away state housing stock to the private sector.

And with the removal of the safety net, low income families became directly exposed not only to the elements but also as subjects of political and market manipulation.

This whole establishment is deteriorated by the so-called immigration policy to import only professional immigrants. It follows that professional immigrants earn more than local folks; their income enables them to become home owners and landlords while locals continue to be tenants in their own country.

You see, rather than importing professional and technical workers, the state should invest in qualified teachers who would hopefully break the politicalisation of the education system but also teach kiwis to manage their economy. That would not only prevent brain drain but also enhances upward mobility for kiwis rather than importing a foreign middle class.

However, those capitalists among traditional conservatives would kick up a fuss just like the housing shareholders truck lobbyists. The whole organisation profess the failure of the democratic system in place. But it only fails because interference from non-elected external influence have it their way with our nation.

It seems everyone is doing their thing and providing for their mates outside parliament and maybe to set them up should retirement comes unannounced.

For what its worth, the modern has to take control sooner rather than later. Let's see some real firework as profit for the sake of political capital. In the face of a right wing media opposition, social needs are finally addressed. Its not enough but as they say, it doesn't happen overnight. But just remember, a child could die overnight from the harsh condition of the environment.

At the modern stage of economic progress, growth is noted only in sectors of society even outside democratic organisation. A record rate of growth in the private sector for example suggests a booming economy, but at the same time low income families are living rough on the outside.

That clearly shows our democratic organisation is not working as too much powerful lobby interference have it their way.

Does this static state of affairs invite a potential trend from the West when only powerful individuals have it their way? The islands are trying to tell us something after years of neglect that when China came in to help out, all of a sudden the West rushed in. But we know it's not wellbeing they are after. Not even the children living rough right here are helped while the rich rake in housing profits.