EVIL - developing document 16/03/19

Fear is a feeling of anxiety or alarm. This feeling is caused by a belief that there is an impending danger that causes pain. Something that causes pain is evil. The pain is extremely dark that may push some over the edge.

From what is perpetuate as evil, the senses heighten feelings and emotions to a dark experience. That's a whole lot of confused emotions rolled up in a ball in your stomach that takes up all your energy while you experience feelings of nausea and spinning. Unless the subject of fear is seeing a ghost, he/she is perceiving something that is not real or existing.

When fear is experienced by believing something is happening or going to happen, we are possessed by a false belief. It is referred to as paranoia and when the fear is unfounded.

Nonetheless, the fear experience is very real to us as we experience real feelings and senses. So what is the evil that triggers our feelings and senses to experience anxiety and apprehension?

Imagine yourself the subject of Wil Smith's film 'Enemy of the State'; you would have some idea of what fear is about.

However, this is a trial of your reasoning. Those students who were protesting yesterday are too intelligent to be subdued by fear. They need to stick with logic and believe in standing up for what is right. Remember fear is feelings, emotions and senses triggered by evil. But logic and reason are your thoughts. When you think over your feelings and emotions, you are in control of yourself.

My suggestion is, don't let fear from evil rule your mind. Many will choose the easy way out; that is joining sceptics and their opposition to your stand on Climate Change. You would probably lose your friends and possibly some family members, but you will know who your real friends are. You would become unpopular, may be blamed and framed for a whole lot of things you are not responsible for.

The test of character is an opportunity for you to stand up for what you believe in. You would be stronger each day as fear gradually fades away. Your mind is light that shines into the dark emotions of fear and its cause.

Stick with what's right and you would become a strong moral leader. Evil is opposing your stand against Climate Change. By doing what is right is fighting evil!

In most countries, it is the extreme left that is engaged in terrorists activities. Here in New Zealand, it is the 'far right'. And politics in New Zealand will never be the same again.

It is the right wing mantra to have innocent civilians poisoned and react politically so then justifies their terrorist activities.