Tahiat tayiba, salaam!

Could the end of capitalism spells the end of human civilisation? Capitalism is promoted as a white system created by accumulating the means of survival to manipulate and subdue everyone else. And the white rulers are contented with global wealth and resources at the top.

I have noticed for a while now that every time a non-white person makes a discovery, or exceeds beyond expectations and advances through the system; the far right sends a rude reminder of whom the ruler is. Pacific peoples for example are restricted to manual labouring jobs with little opportunities for advancement and promotions.

The merciless warning serves to instil fear and to restrict freedom. Targets are therefore subdued to a lesser class or somewhat threatened to face the ultimate hand of far right extreme. A bit like blackmail and extortion where the target has to subdue or face the ultimate. Terrorism is another layer above.

It seems everything is ok if we the non-white pretend we don't know anything and are happy to be subjugated and dominated by whites. The trouble is, God created us with a heart and mind to think and to love other fellow human beings.

New Zealand had declared itself a secular society a little while ago. But shared experience had instigated a grassroots movement bound by values of Diversity, Equality, Climate Change, Poverty and Refugee. Not bad for a non-religious nation. It follows from Climate Change and Global Warming when species extinction and resource depletion confronts not only the economy but also human survival.

Frequent bush burning and flooding had made near impossible to grow food to sustain the population, But it raises the cost of living to unaffordable standards. No guessing who is hungry and who is not.

In any reasonable dialogue, the far right ideology faces a challenge of this urgent reality, but a reality that some ideological believers are not ready to surrender. The basis of white pride has come to a narrow end but the ideological belief is in the blood.

Here in the modern, a grassroots movement confronts capitalism on the bases of human life, fundamental and democratic rights. But it appears that far right fanatics are happy for everyone to ride capitalism over the cliff along with every one whole stock and barrow.

So at a time when resources are scarce and life threatening from malnutrition, disease and effects of Climate Change, it's obvious that capitalism is stretched to the max. But in a linear style, it is not flexible for everyone with their difference. Thus the far right has a manifesto for this that we are all too familiar with. This time, it is Terrorism.

There is no consensus on a definition, but the main principle follows coercive political action to influence a government decision. The modern version is similar to such operations as 'psycho ops' and 'false flags'. It is more like generic or second tier terrorism.

A political organisation plans to attack own citizens to draw attention and to justify operative action against the intended target.

Under the stretched conditions of the economy, the social structure is not flexible enough to accommodate the diverse demands. So by culling the population; the minority and non-white is made for global condemnation and not a choice. The merciless awakening would also deteriorate the rate of current social issues such as mental illness and suicide.

So the narrow end of capitalism is linear and obviously a struggle for survival. But overflowing with wealth and resources; the rich white and strong expects to survive. At the same time collateral damage for everyone else. But who is going to fight such a war? Robots?

Could the end of capitalism spells the end of human civilisation? As long as reason dictates the sensual dominant that we might have a chance. An independent media might have a new role than spinning and sensationalising propaganda.

On hearing the news of this Terror attack, I have suggested that young people should be protected from the general media especially the social media to preserve purity of their feelings and thoughts. The practice of reason prompts the mind against the overwhelming assault of the senses. Instead, propaganda of the Terrorist attack was as usual repetitious, deliberate and omnipresence.

So when feelings and senses are heightened by the sensation of the event that it would not only instil fear but also to poison their minds. Proliferated and perpetuated by the media and social media, the method of Terrorism has hit the target.

It is working successfully when people take sides and react. And their struggle for or against has made a success of Terrorism. Terror and fear have kept the sensation dominant over reason that projects hate a prominent force. It is not surprising to witness similar attacks and counter attacks in places.

So how can you make any reasonable sense of a hate ideology is reacting on heightened senses. Two animals at heightened instincts is extreme!

And despite emotions and sensational reactions, the Prime Minister showed composure and logical in times of need. James Shaw was the first victim of this attack, which linked Environmental Change, and UN endorsed values of Diversity, Equality, Poverty and Refugee.

Does it suggest that oil corporations are now behind far right extremes, or a far right lone wolf hired by oil corporations? Everyone is looking at the far right angle, but was it planned?