We may be on the verge of destruction but we don't wish to know. Anyone who is addicted to smoking has valued cigarettes a necessity of life. If they should be deprived of cigarettes, they would defend the habit and addiction to extreme ends.

They no longer have that portion of the brain to reason the consequences that impact atrocious effects upon children and other family members. As long as they have their fix, the consequences don't matter.

However, us non-smokers have a right not to be sick from second hand smoking. And that right is an issue legally presented by representatives in our democratic and elected parliament.

If you replace smoking with other material desires such as food, fashion and popular activities; their accumulation is a source of power. Obviously, the material is elevated over and above our human values. And our human civilisation is a material civilisation.

This material lifestyle is defended by extreme violence including terrorism, invasion and war. But those who defend the material are blindly intoxicated by its power they would defend it to death. They are not innocent to the addiction because they are confronted by disastrous consequences.

They have chosen to ignore the consequences. Its one thing to uphold a lifestyle but its another to have life dictated by that material style.

However, we have a right not to be victims of material developments.

And fortunately, we are not all corrupt by the material. Some of us among the young folks have come to realise this deviation and have stood up for change. They risk danger of terrorism along with personal attacks on their character.

Their brave act is merited a universal value in the interest of human civilisation. At the same time, addicts of the material have and will always continue to go to extreme ends to defend their lifestyle even if is killing us all and destroying our world.

This is the most crucial time for human survival to do something about it. The Christchurch Call is a promising start and note out the critics among addict defenders on the attack.

The material doctrine is indoctrinated in three subtle ways; psychological coercion; social imposition and physical alteration. We have witnessed the nature of whole material movement as subjective and their consequences are destructive.

First, we are psychologically brainwashed by media promotions that has corrupt and poison our feelings and senses. Second; social impositions have Gay and Lesbians on attacks associated with stigma that has denigrated the male persona, third; feminists have promoted ways of lowering male testosterone rate to reduce his stamina and endurance. That should ideally descend the male population down the spiral of uniformity in the material.

Male not only loses his psyche, his mind and physical domination but also he would be a lot easier to control.

And the goal of the material doctrine is to prevent the sharing of wisdom and knowledge among the population.

You know if female raises her potentials to be equal with male, civilisation advances upward and forward. But the material doctrine aims at a downward spiral for consumer and population control.

That makes religion among believers the number one enemy of the material. Religion is the bridge to enlightenment and higher consciousness of being, but religion too has fallen victim to the material.

I have enquired about the existence of God in the subjective layer. It is the formless world of the dark. And God said in Genesis 'let there be light'. And this is the believers role. Be the light of the way leading us away from the dark and destruction of the subjective material.

If you try to filter this article in your mind, don't try too hard to imagine or think. Read the article and acknowledge points where you are angry or sad. Now close your eyes and try reading it again only this time, detach your feelings and senses. When you do this, there has to be a median principle to filter your decisions. And the median principle is the role of objective reasoning. The outcome should not make you happy or sad; rather contribute to the stable organisation of society. It is the right thing to do.

There is a need to be fundamental and practical; so God must come down from that distant proselytising imposition. We are looking at the basis of principles and their objective quantification to being.

Feminism, Gay and Lesbians have long departed from God. And in the subjective world, HOMOSEXUAL is more sacred than Jesus Christ is, according to Australian Rugby. Human rights to free speech and practice of belief are subservient to popular opinions however subjective they claim.

I have talked about the descending spiral of human values thinned in the material world. For the solid establishment of social organisation must stabilise on foundational principles. So if sports should be strong social organisations, they have to practise social values and principles.

However, rugby depends on subjective populism. Values and principles are not. And Rugby among other sports side with subjective popular decisions of the material civilisation. It is feeding the very behaviour that leads to destruction, like buying cigarettes for an addict.

And this is not a universal or diverse decision. It has adverse influence not only on male mana but also on religious principles.

The whole development is the result of the maintenance of the material economy for the lifestyles of powerful materialists.

And it doesn't look good for us in here. The private sector and its corporate media now directly represent the material doctrine. They don't really need a party to represent them when they don't respect our so-called electoral system and democratic process.

So to save our world and our human civilisation from the sickness of the material depends on young leaders who are not so corrupt from the politics of the material.